Rattlesnake By:Zachary Larrison

Rattlesnakes are reptiles. Their colors are brown, black, and yellow. Rattlesnakes can grow to about 7 feet long. Rattlesnakes can weigh about 10 pounds maybe more maybe less. Rattlesnakes have rattles on their tail if you hear it you should turn back and walk away. Rattlesnakes are related to snakes and most other reptiles.

Rattlesnakes are carnivores, that means that Rattlesnakes only eat meat. Rattlesnakes eat what they can catch Rattlesnakes usually eat their prey whole.

Rattlesnakes usually live in the U.S and North America. Rattlesnakes only need a little water daily. And they don't need food daily. Rattlesnakes live on cliffs and caves. Rattlesnakes live with other familyfamilies of Rrattlesnakes and other Rattlesnakes.

Rattlesnakes blend in their environment to hide from their preters so they can't get them. Sometimes Rattlesnakes sit still so their pretdatoers can't see them. Sometimes Rattlesnakes run away from their preters to live a longer life.

Rattlesnakes pretedatorrs are Eagles, Buzzers, and other types of big birds. Rattlesnakes have a defensive pose to tell you this is a warning that I might bite.

Here are some fun facts about Rattlesnakes 1.Baby Rattlesnakes when they shed their skin they grow a new rattle every time. 2. Most snakes are poisonous. 3.Rattlesnakes are known for their rattle on the tail. 4.There are 16 types of snakes in the world. 5.Lastly, Mmother Rrattlesnakes stay with her babies until they hatch and live a new life.


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