Colombia by: Cjay

Politics- Colombia uses a politic system of a presidential representative democratic republic, whereby the President of Colombia is both head of state and head of government, and of a multi-party system. Executive power is carried out by the government. The Senate and House of Representatives of Colombia are the head over the legislative power .

Economics- Colombia has an average monthly salary of $692 and is ranked 54 out of 72 countries on the global pay scale. In Colombia they use peso, and 2929 pesos equal 1 dollar in the us.Colombia’s legal minimum wage for 2012 is $328, which is 47% of the average Colombian salary.

Religion- based on various studies and a survey, about 90% of the population is into Christianity, the majority of which (70.9%) are Roman Catholic, while a significant minority (16.7%) adhere to Protestantism. Less than 1% have another religious

Social structure- Four classes and their relative proportions could be distinguished in the mid-1980s: upper class, 5 percent; middle class, 20 percent; lower class, 50 percent; and the masses, 25 percent. Classes were distinguished by occupation, life-style, income, family background, education, and power.

Industry - The highest paying job in columbia is there vice president (29,500,000 COP). Second most paying job is an Oil and Petrochemical Engineer ( 15,300,000 COP). The next most highest is Loan Area Manager ( 11,000,000 COP).

Arts and Entertainment- For entertainment columbians like to Walk Old Cartagena, Relax in Parque Tayrona, and they also like to party in Medellin. Some sports that they like to play is Ciclovias (Bogota) during the weekends and bank holidays, many of the main streets in the city are closed off to traffic which creates a giant cycling route.

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