Courtney Coldren One Point Perspective Project

i guess it was pretty successful i like it i think i did pretty good but it was challenging when i had to make all the points go to the fanishing point and the two point is more challenging than the one point. but , i like the 2 point i feel is easer than

i don't like this one better then the end results .but it is good i guess, but on the end result i like all the color and the end of it the road looks better and i dont have that many windows in the end result

i love the analogous colors, they look soo good on my pictures the under colors i picked look good with the colors on top

1. i really didnt know about it at all , but i do now and i think it is cool . i learned how the use colors beside them on the color wheel. and the color under all the pastails look like ur colored blind when u look at it

2.we used the imperialism movement to make little strokes on our paper to some movement and showing what famous people did in famous paintings. it is called pointillism

3. pointillism a technique of neo-impressionist painting using tiny dots of various pure colors, which become blended in the viewer's eye.

4.being able to use many colors with out really blending them but by using a different tact-tic. it is called pointillism

Vincent van gosh, this painting is called starry night. Painted in June 1889

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