Web Browsers Daniel Pollard

Web Browser definiton = It is a software application for retrieving, presenting and traversing information resources on the World Wide Web.

Microsoft Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer Logo

It was first released in August 1995, the developer is Microsoft and computers or Windows phones use it

Google Chrome

Google Chrome Logo

Google Chrome was first released in September 2 2008, the developer is Google and laptops use it

Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox Logo

It was first released on September 23 2002, the developers are Dave Hyatt, Blake Ross and Mozilla and IPads use it.

Apple Safari

Apple Safari Logo

It was first released on January 7 2003, the developer is Apple and Apple phones and IPads use it.


Created with images by Javier Aroche - "Piñata de Internet Explorer" • Alan_D - "Computer" • hawkHD - "nokia windows phone mobile phone" • Mark Morgan Trinidad B - "0765 Google chrome" • 377053 - "mac freelancer macintosh" • dougbelshaw - "Mozilla Firefox stickers" • Magnus D - "iPad" • LearnerWeb - "Apple_Safari" • DariuszSankowski - "ios new mobile" • coolmikeol - "Apple iPad"

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