Olivia Key ED 202, Spring 2017

Adobe spark videos offer an easy to use video platform. The thought of creating video introductions has crossed my mind before but they always seemed to take a long time and be tedious, after introduction to adobe spark in January 2017 I no longer feel overwhelmed to hear that I will be making a video. This project allowed for student creativity and development of digital age learning.

In January 2017 I was unaware of how a circuit actually worked much less create a working one. Makey Makey facilitates student learning and creativity by combining everyday objects and the internet. I was a member of a group of five students tasked with creating a pinball style game with everyday objects such as cardboard, duct tape, scissors, paper, and aluminum foil. We opted to design our device based on the original game boy as shown in the photos above. Trial and error were presented through this process but collectively as a group each problem was solved ending in result of an operable game. This project facilitated learning and creativity through many varieties in design freedom, problem solving, programming, and collaboration.

I had previous business newsletter experience before entering Ed 202 in the Spring 2017. I had never thought about creating class newsletters or used an interface as simple as smores! I am excited to incorporate this skill enhancment in both my current career and future classroom. This project allows student creativity, modeling of digital age work and literacy.

Google for Education Level 1 Certification. I almost froze in fear when I began the training for this exam but with many practice sessions and numerous searches I have gained understanding of Google for Education Applications and am looking forward to utilizing these tools in my future classroom and introducing other educators to the endless possibilities Google for Education offers.


Created with images by Monoar - "pencil wood pencil education"

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