How to stick to your New Year goals By: Naila YAzdani

With the start of the New Year, goals are an essential way to create a productive, healthy and fresh year filled with possibilities. Goals aren't a silly thing for kids to plan out, they are a much needed target to keep everyone on track and grow as individuals. Being human, we sometimes over commit or grow lazy. Here are a few ways to make sure this year's resolution sticks.

#1 Turn to family and friends

Loved ones make the biggest impact on our life, so when in need of help they are the ones we should go to for reassurance. Family and friends can motivate us to continue our goals and push us to not give up. When you are in need, going to a trusted friend or family member is a helpful choice since they know our strengths and weaknesses best and what we should improve on.

#2 Don't do too much at once

Human nature causes people to overthink and stress and in that process we tend to overwork and do the most we can which aren't always the best things. Pacing and taking time on things is a huge benefit for us so that we can balance our life and the goals we choose to obtain. Stressing and overworking ourselves is a horrible way to complete a goal, so to limit that, take each step slowly.

#3 Waiting for perfection

Perfection is something we can only dream of but coming close to it is possible. Being confident in oneself is important trait and is a major aspect of sticking to a goal, as well as trying to be as perfect as one can be. Patience is key, making sure people don't rush themselves in the process for quicker results. Even if individuals don't learn the first time, they still have a long way to go and to be successful overall.

#4 Reminders

A pretty obvious way for an individual to stick to a goal is to have a constant reminder of what they are actually doing. Planning in an agenda or writing one's progress is all part of a great way to help encourage and motivate an individual to pursue their goal. Whether it's an agenda, planner, calendar or even writing on a piece of paper, they can always find a way to plan and think about their next steps to finish their goal.

#5 Experiences

Whatever an individual's goal may be, trying to surround themself in that particular environment is a good thing to do. Learning how to do a specific activity could result in going to an area where one can learn valuable skills. Experiencing environments or even exploring, in general is a good way to have an open mind. People are able to enjoy more while learning as well.

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