'Caring, passionate, hard-working teacher' honored 25-Year SWBOCES veteran Rosario Morales recognized in albany at annual ceremony

Rosario Morales taught for Southern Westchester BOCES for 25 years until her death earlier this year. Adult Literacy Center Supervisor Maria Guerrero nominated her for the New York Association for Continuing & Community Education's Outstanding Teacher awards. That honor was bestowed at NYACC's 67th annual Teacher Recognition Ceremony in Albany May 1. Ms. Guerrero was joined there by Senior Director of Adult, Community and Career Services Claudia Murphy, Director of Adult & Community Services Dan Myers. What follow's is Ms. Guerrero's nomination of Ms. Morales.

The NYACC Outstanding Teacher Award in the name of Rosario Morales.

Rosario Morales became a teacher at Southern Westchester BOCES' Adult Education Program in 1993. During those 25 years, Rosario taught ESL and Citizenship classes at various locations. Rosario was a caring, passionate, loving and hard-working teacher. She made her class feel like a family, and she shared her love and respect for all cultures; she touched the hearts of many students. Her devotion was not limited to the classroom. She was truly concerned about her students inside and outside the school.

Rosario went beyond her teaching duties to help students learn and succeed in the United States. Rosario never left one single student fall behind as she was always willing to help all students and was always willing to help all students and aw always available for advice. Rosario took a personal interest in every students' success and built their confidence. She was very supportive. As a a matter of fact, in various occasions, Rosario went to NYC with the citizenship students who took the naturalization test, and she waited outside the building to give them emotional support on the first day of school, Roasario greeted all with a warm smile and she made the lessons fun, which encouraged students to try harder.

Rosario kept friendly relationships with staff and students making truly influences, and she was easy to get along with Her cultural kindness and her warm smile made her a very special teacher. Roasario made students feel important and successful. She will always have a warm place in her students' hearts.

Rosario was very kind, considerate, and she was connected to her students. She had a real bond, which made learning a wonderful and entertaining experience. Students used the knowledge to enhance job skills, living better in the United States, reaching out to children's schools, getting medical attention. She made special class projects and activities such as "International Day," where students brought dishes from their own culture and traditions. Rosario was motivating and made students work passionately. She was always optimistic and encouraging, she made our education meaningful and encouraged understanding by using real life experiences. Rosario made a difference in all her students' lives. Rosario loved being a teacher knowing that she shared her knowledge and personal experience as an immigrant. She made students look forward to going to school every day with her kindness and lovingness; she made students smile.

Rosario was a caring and passionate person. Many students followed her to the sites where she was teaching. She always had a smile on her face and encouraged students to do their best no matter how hard it is to adapt to a new country. These qualities are the best to have in a teacher. Roasario really knew her students and she had a great personality.

Rosario helped immigrants understand how to navigate within the state's organizations. Her unique teaching style and commitment made her a teacher that we never will forget. Rosario is greatly missed by the BOCES community and she is very deserving of this honor.

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