Technologic happy monkey's jungle home

What? A house for monkeys? Are you crazy?Well no let me explain.

You go see monkeys at the zoo, you pay to go see animals who've been took out of their living place and took away from their families because you think they're cute.

You think they are happy, do you? But are they? No.

These animals don't want to be imprisoned in an artificial environment, they do not deserve to listen to children bang on the windows of their enclosure.

Zoos are imprisoning animals who want to be free.

So this is the reason why I created the happy monkey's jungle house.

The happy monkey's jungle house provide a good environment for monkeys: it is a really big house, with many plants and some river, like a real jungle.

But the best part is that there is no need of anyone to take care of it because it is robotic. Everything is done by itself. Automatically, water is provided by the roof every two days to nourish the plants and to make them grow. The monkeys do not need to be fed because their environment give them everything they need. There are big lights that make the plants grow and they automaticaly go off slowly at night and turn on slowly in the morning, like a real sun. There is fake sounds of bird to make it seem even more real and like a real jungle. Also some cameras are placed so we don't need to go there to see if everything is alright, because we just need to look at the cameras to know everything is fine.

From the happy monkey's jungle home foundation.

Call at 866-7456 or go to www.happy/monkeysjungle/

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Marika Vachon

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