Annual Report 2020 - 2021

A word from the Chairman of the Board of Directors

The past year is one that will be one for the books. We have all been affected in various ways by the COVID-19 pandemic, which has exposed our vulnerability and challenged our resilience.

The Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Montreal (BBBSGM) is no exception, our activities along with the youth we support have been disproportionately affected. The youth, deprived of face-to-face contact with family, friends and mentors, have had to show great resilience. Our services have proven to be more essential than ever. We have also been financially challenged. The operations and sources of revenue of our major donor, the BBBS Foundation, have been completely disrupted by the pandemic. Despite the adversity, our agency and our partners showed incredible determination, creativity, and solidarity, which allowed us to carry on our mission. Our mentoring programs were quickly adapted to operate in virtual mode, ensuring their continuity while respecting the prescribed Public Health regulations and protocols. The dedication of our philanthropic committee and the tremendous generosity of our donors have allowed us to maintain all of our services to youth.

Many thanks to the volunteers, employees, donors, ambassadors, youth and their families, and board members of the BBBSGM for your commitment, dedication, and resilience during this past challenging year. Together, we have overcome many obstacles. None of this would have been possible without the generous contribution of all of you. Your thoughts, your time, your resilience, and your donations have inspired us to do our best to support our community, one youth at a time.


Marc-André Thibault

A word from the Executive Board

The year 2020 - historic and impossible to forget. A difficult year, but filled with great achievements. At the very beginning of the fiscal year, we were informed that the BBBS Foundation would not be able to financially support BBBSGM, since the closing of the stores would force them to cease a large part of their activities. The federal government has implemented various financial support measures for organizations like ours. We were able to access many of these programs, and focus our energy into our philanthropic activities to make up for the shortfall. And we have succeeded.

We have managed to stay in touch with the youth, the volunteers, the families to support them in this trying ordeal, we have managed to transform our practices to adapt to this more than difficult situation. We were successful in offering services and support while working from home, and we managed to negotiate and adopt a first collective agreement covering the next two years. We have achieved great things, also making sure to keep morale as high as possible under the circumstances. We really managed to adapt, innovate, keep the BBBSGM family together. Basically, we did what we do best…create and sustain meaningful relationships that enable the youth to ignite their full potential.

For all these achievements, I thank you. Collectively and individually, I thank all the people who have contributed to these achievements. The Board of Directors, the management team, the staff, the volunteers, the parents, and the partners.

Yours truly,

Maxime Bergeron Laurencelle

Human Resources

  • Maxime Bergeron Laurencelle - Executive Director
  • Marine Papin - Deputy General Manager and Head of Human Resources
  • Sylvain Chaleteix - Marketing and Communications Director
  • Émilie Bourbeau - Fundraising and Events Coordinator
  • Mathilde Van Branteghem - Clinical Coordinator
  • Angela Ripolo - Clinical Programs Coordinator - Research and Program Development Coordinator
  • Lyne Charron - Administrative Assistant
  • Amelia Sheridan - Administrative Assistant
  • Cynthia Dupuis - Communications Assistant
  • Catherine Desrochers - Fundraising Officer
  • Charlotte Lemieux - Mentoring Coordinator
  • Crystal Alexander - Mentoring Coordinator
  • Délizar Hasnaoui - Mentoring Coordinator
  • France Chaput - Mentoring Coordinator
  • Guillaume Tremblay - Mentor Selection Officer
  • Laurent Lapalme - Mentoring Coordinator
  • Marianne Narbey - Mentoring Coordinator
  • Mollie Arsenault - Mentoring Coordinator
  • Omar Mustafa - Mentoring Coordinator
  • Véronique Bélanger - Mentoring Coordinator
  • Vincent Davis - Mentoring Coordinator
  • Zoé Jacques - Mentoring Coordinator

This year, the BBBSGM team acquired with new talent and focused on skills development with its human resources management practices.

Training the next generation was handled by the arrival and supervision of interns:

  • Saïdul Miah - Intern
  • Marjorie Gasse - Intern
“I started my job as a Mentoring Coordinator in the fall of 2020. In addition to a warm welcome, despite the virtual context, I had the chance to meet devoted, dynamic people who are passionate about their work and the mission. Families, youth and helping them ignite their full potential is the motivation behind every decision of the organization. Always willing to work towards improving our service delivery is what makes Big Brothers Big Sisters an inclusive and innovative environment. I am fortunate to be able to work with the youth, mentors and families who shine through with their great resilience, boundless ideas, and genuine dedication and commitment. Inspiring actors of the future, I thank you from the bottom of my heart!” Zoé Jacques



All young people realize their potential


Enable life-changing mentoring relationships to ignite the power and potential of young people.


After over a year of living in this strange, unsettling and necessarily innovative period, BBBSGM notes that it has managed to maintain the organization’s momentum. With schools essentially closed for a good part of the year, mentoring services have been deployed without geographical restrictions. Of course, tele-work and social distancing measures have had effects that we could foresee and anticipate on the delivery of services, on the organization of work, on the volunteers themselves, but especially on the youth.

It appears that 41.9% of BBBS youth had regular contact with their mentors since the beginning of the pandemic. Youth who had regular contact with their mentors reported feeling more supported, and that these people helped them feel less isolated and less worried or anxious. Youth who had more contact with their mentors had fewer symptoms of depression and anxiety than youth who had no contact with them during the pandemic.

These results are a strong indication that the BBBS mentoring program is helping youth at a time of unprecedented stress in history. This is particularly important from the perspective of preventing what some are calling the “fourth wave” of mental health problems.


Mentoring Program

Community-based Mentoring

Community mentoring services are about creating safe and healthy mentoring relationships for youth aged 6 to 21 in the Greater Montreal area at risk of exclusion or exposed to adversity and wish to benefit from the presence of an additional significant adult in their lives.

208 matches

In-school Mentoring

The In-School Mentoring Program, offered in partnership with elementary schools in Montreal, provides a youth with a mentor with whom they can develop a meaningful relationship and share fun activities for the entire school year. Typically offered on-site at the youth’s school, the program has been adapted for the 2020-2021 school year to provide virtual meetings, to ensure the safety of the participants, while respecting the sanitary measures in place. By sharing daily fun activities, the mentor helps the youth build trust, stay in school and develop self-confidence within their environment.

63 matches

Diversity and Inclusion

BBBGM is committed to respecting, welcoming and including diversity to ensure that differences are valued and respected in all aspects of the delivery of services and organizational practices. By demonstrating its ongoing commitment to these principles, BBBSGM enriches the lives of the clients it serves.

BBBSGM promotes diversity and encourages client participation regardless of gender, ethnicity, religion, culture or sexual orientation. Diversity contributes to a richer environment by allowing opinions and perspectives to be shared.

BBBSGM is constantly seeking to expand its mentoring program by developing components that target youth who wishes to be paired with a mentor coming from a community like their own. In addition to offering a positive role model, the inclusion components allow participating youth to discuss realities that their mentor is better able to understand and support. Currently, these streams are offered to youth from Montreal’s Black communities, Indigenous youth and youth who identify with the LGBTQ2+ communities.



Male : 63%

Female : 37%


  • 2% BLENDED


83% Montreal

10% South Shore

7% North Shore

Risk Factor Registry

Risk Factor Registry

To better understand the profile of youth and families, BBBSGM has adopted a risk factor registry adapted from studies of adverse childhood experiences (ACEs). These studies explore the damage of toxic stress on children and describe the impacts of these experiences on brain development as well as long-term consequences on overall development. The greater and longer the exposure to these adversities, the greater the risk that youth will experience health and social problems as adults. In the absence of adequate support and resources to deal with these issues, a youth who has had four or more of these experiences is considered to be at “high risk” in their adult life.

38% of youth served are considered very-high risk

BBBSGM therefore insists that an additional meaningful mentoring relationship in the lives of young people is important to reduce the impact of these risk factors and promote healthy development.


Developmental Relationships

A developmental relationship is a close connection through which a young person discovers who they are, cultivate abilities to shape their own lives, and learn how to engage with and contribute to the world around them. It is a relationship in which the adult expresses care, challenges growth, provides support, shares power, and expands possibilities.

A partnership between Search Institute and Big Brothers Big Sisters Canada allowed for the integration of new resources into BBBSGM’s work, allowing the organisation to train and empower the mentors to develop this type of relationship with their mentees.

In addition to the relational changes that occur within a developmental relationship, BBBSGM expects to see short-term significant improvements in two aspects of the mentees' development: their social-emotional learning and executive functions. Medium-term, BBBSGM anticipates an improvement in mentee’s mental health, well-being and overall development, as well as an increase in their academic implication.



Strong of its commitment to continuous learning and skills development, the BBBSGM team enjoyed the opportunity to participate in various training programs to improve their knowledge. Talent development plans were updated throughout the year to offer training, including online, on demand for all staff.

  • Kaléidoscope: Conference day on youth and mental health by Conference Connection
  • Breaking the Code: Documentaries and discussion on the realities of racialized and Indigenous people
  • TransDiversityOnline training from the University of Montreal on gender identity, transidentity and best practices in supporting trans people
  • Search Institute: Two online trainings on developmental relationships and a more in-depth session for trainers
  • Aperture Education: Training on the theoretical foundations of social-emotional learning
  • Microsoft Teams: Online training on the features of this Office 365 applications offered by BBBS Canada
  • AFP: ABCs of Fundraising, training for the philanthropic officer
  • Webinar Series: Mentorat Québec - new practices in virtual mentoring, COCo - Remote work and team collaboration, Dynamo - managing the aftermath of containment


The number of associative activities offered to youth, volunteers and partners was reduced this year due to the suspension of in-person meetings. It is nevertheless important for BBBSGM to continue to offer alternatives to maintain the sense of belonging to its community.

This year, the Holiday party and the distribution of gifts were adapted so that the children could benefit from the generous donations of partner companies and donors, while respecting health regulations.

BBBSGM also organized a virtual recognition event at which a conference by John Parisella was offered to the mentors and partners of the organization about the political changes in the United States and the impacts on Quebec and Canada.

Communications and marketing

BBBSGM’s initial strategy for increasing visibility had to be modified during 2020. Due to the loss of a major funding source and limited resources, the organization has significantly reduced its awareness and volunteer recruitment campaigns.

The new priorities were to maintain existing services and actively seek funding. As a result, communication efforts were focused on supporting volunteers and families, as well as fundraising campaigns.


  • Website: 7200monthly visits
  • Online community of over 30,000 members
  • 45% of families and volunteers discovered us online


  • 946 potential new mentor forms
  • 190 new family forms
  • Campaign results 35 000$

COVID Government funding

In this particular year, BBBSGM took full advantage of the funding available to philanthropic organizations, especially from the federal government. We have had access to the Canadian Business Emergency Account, the Community Support Emergency Fund and the Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy Program.

Results of government support requests $478 109

Philanthropic activities

Major Gifts Program

Without much surprise, the COVID-19 year brought its share of financial challenges.

Thanks to the mobilization of the BBBSGM network and the generosity of our partners, the major gifts program allowed us to finish the year with a positive financial balance.

Major gift results $306 000


In September 2020, the BBBSGM organization participated in a provincial socio-financing campaign regrouping the 13 BBBS organizations of Quebec. The donations collected were doubled by the governmental program “Fonds Mille et UN”. This fundraising activity, as well as two other activities during the year, allowed us to raise significant amounts of money.

Campaign results $35 000

BBBSGM Scholarship Program

For the second year in a row, and thanks to the generosity of donors, nearly $14 000 was awarded to seven youths at the college or university level for the year 2020-2021.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Once again this year, many companies wanted to get involved with the BBBSGM organization. These involvement and social engagement opportunities were adapted due to the suspension of in-person activities. Partners were generous and agreed to turn their volunteer time into monetary contributions. Donations of goods and services were also generously offered to our beneficiaries.

Cell phones were given to the youth by Rogers Canada so that they could stay in touch with their mentors despite the lockdown. Gifts from Amazon and Berkayly were distributed at the Holiday event, as well as Christmas baskets offered to some of the families from PBSC Urban Solutions and Canadavie.

Financial Statements

  • COVID-19 Grants: 478 109$
  • Grants: 275 393$
  • Donations: 449 986$
  • Sponsorships: 68 091$
  • BBBS Foundation: 10 000$
  • Total: 1 281 579$
  • Youth Programs: 906 253$
  • Administration: 110 542$
  • Sponsorship: 68 091$
  • Total: 1 084 886$

Surplus: 196 693$


Event Sponsors

Thank you to the partners who supported the actions and activities this year: Amazon, Berkayly, PBSC Solutions Urbaines, Canadavie, John Parisella.

Special thanks to the members of the Board of Directors and the Philanthropic Committee for their support and commitment throughout the year.

Board of Directors

  • Marc-André Thibault
  • Josée Desrosiers
  • Elie Daher
  • Jean-Philippe Lejeune
  • Matthew Smith
  • Natalie Fortin
  • Andrée-Anne Gauthier
  • Caroline Leduc
  • Janothan Michael
  • Julie Gaudreault-Martel

Philanthropic Committee

  • Janothan Michael
  • Vito Italia
  • Stéphanie Napky Couture
  • Maxime St-Denis
  • Raphael Melancon


Thank you to the donors without whom BBBSGM could not have such a great impact!

$50,000 and over:

$10,000 and over:

$5,000 and over:

$1,000 and over:



The inclusion components are developed in close collaboration with Justice Quebec and Public Health Agency of Canada.


  • Alithya
  • Allison Robert
  • Amelie Chabot
  • Amine Cherchour
  • Anastasia McNaughton
  • Andreana Bakratsas
  • Andrew Olson
  • Andy Wong
  • Angela Gouveia
  • Anthony Vicente-Pereira
  • Awa Hane
  • Azin Mohammadi
  • Banque Nationale
  • Bélanger Sauvé avocats
  • Bernard Turbide
  • Bianca Archambault
  • Bibiana Mendez Valenzuela
  • Capital Group
  • Carole Sirois
  • Charlotte Hernando
  • Christiane Lejeune
  • Christina Papavasiliou
  • Christine Noel
  • Christopher Jue
  • Claude Poirier
  • Coralie Alande
  • Cyrille Giraud
  • Daniel Collette
  • Daniel Dontigny
  • Danielle Jasmin
  • Danny Iny
  • David Berson
  • Denise Fontaine
  • Diane Poulin
  • Dominique Vincent
  • Ecole de technologie superieure
  • Elise Beausoleil
  • Élyse Guastaferri
  • Emilia Karvelas
  • Emilie Bourbeau
  • Erick Bilodeau
  • Eva Alfaro
  • Evgeni Toshev
  • Fonds Jean Patrick pour la Jeunesse
  • Francine St-Jules
  • Francis Goulet
  • François Bordeleau
  • François Paquette
  • Frederic Harnois
  • Fresche Solutions Inc.
  • Gabrielle Brochu-Bélanger
  • Gabrielle Moisan
  • Genevieve Bassili
  • Gestion Clanmor Inc
  • Gestion Weibel Inc.
  • Gilbert Emond
  • Ginette Denault
  • Glenn Hand
  • Gordon Elkin
  • Guillaume Hevey
  • Gusta Food Vegan
  • Guy Létourneau
  • Heather George
  • Hugues Bellerive
  • Indra Cabello
  • Irene Sebestyen
  • Isabelle Phaneuf
  • Janothan Michael
  • Jeffrey Wong Wai Kee
  • Jennifer Maks
  • Jonathan Linton
  • Josée Dubois
  • Judith Baniqued
  • Julia Lo
  • Julie Lamoureux
  • Julien Quintal
  • Julienne Auger
  • Karyne Bédard
  • Kate Reed
  • Kaylee Smart
  • Keifer Butler
  • Kellina Higgins
  • Kia Seyed-Abbas
  • Kim Barry
  • Komplémentaire par Kim Santerre
  • Laura Shulak
  • Lida Ziogas
  • Lilian Yoffe
  • Linda Beach
  • Lise St-Jean
  • Louis Dub/é
  • Louise Paquette
  • Lucille Joannides
  • Luli Papin
  • Madalina Burtan
  • Maison O Thé
  • Marc-André Mailhot
  • Marc-Antoine Kingue
  • Marcel Pronovost
  • Marian Pinsky
  • Mariane Chartrand
  • Marie Josée Leroux
  • Marie-Claude Cotton
  • Marie-Ève Paré
  • Marie-Jade Guay
  • Marie-Pier Gosselin
  • Marine Papin
  • Mathilde Van Branteghem
  • Matthew Smith
  • Matthieu Gallais
  • Maxence Elie
  • Maxime Bergeron Laurencelle
  • Maxime St-Denis
  • Mehrdad Paknejad
  • Mélissa Proulx
  • Michael Butler
  • Michèle Dupuis
  • Michelle Akim
  • Mikalson Daley
  • Mildred Herrera-Sequeira
  • Mira Thakur
  • Mireille De Keiser
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  • The Mireille and Murray Steinberg Family Foundation
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  • Wim Bless
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  • Zickler Family Foundation


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