Starverse 135 Same siZe as earth which is 3,959 miles

Our planet is located in the third Milky Way.
Our planet orbits around the star called "Rigel" which is 92.96 light years away from our planet. The gravitational force is 9.807.
On our planet the length of the day is 20 hours because the planets orbit is different than earths orbit around the sun, and the length of a year is 345 days. It orbits the opposite way earth does.
We have all the same seasons but since Starverse is orbiting the other way, the seasons go in a different order. Like so: spring, winter, summer, and fall. The temperature for spring is 75*F, winter is 32*F, summer is 100*F, and fall is 65*F.
What Satrverse has on it is everything earth has but it works and it is better to live on. The trees grow faster, and the produce doesn't grow rotten, it stays ripe. The wifi never goes down.
The oceans are beacutiful and free of harmful disasters. The creatures don't bite or harm you, they are peaceful. The air never gets polluted.
By: Samantha and Briana Rios


Created with images by NASA Goddard Photo and Video - "Hubble's New Eyes: Butterfly Emerges from Stellar Demise in Planetary Nebula NGC 6302" • NASA Goddard Space Flight Center - "Galactic Wreckage in Stephan's Quintet" • davedehetre - "moon and orion at the solstice 12 21 2010" • Ian Sane - "Upper Butte Creek Falls" • Mister-Mastro - "2010 10 31 Autumn leaves leave 4" • Neville Wootton Photography - "Hotel's Lake View with a Gritty Theme" • fotomanu_93 - "planet"

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