Good Life Performance By kyle bassignani

The Spatial Experience: When I entered the theater the lights were dim and I was director toward the front rows. When the lights went dark when the play was starting there was a mysterious feeling. Which made me wonder what the performance was going to be about. The mystery and unknowing made me more interested in the show that was about to happen. The performance gave me different perspectives which relates to the good life.
The Social Experience: I attended the performance by myself and I sat next to a stranger. I did not do anything special to get ready. I did not think it would enhance my experience at all. Sharing experiences with friends can enhance the good life because it gives you different perspectives on experiences and generally makes everything more enjoyable.
The Cultural and Intellectual Experience: The performance helps the viewer understand the struggles of the poor people in the early 20th century. It also shows the difference between the lower class and the upper class. I knew living in poverty was and still is a struggle. But after the performance I think I sympathize with the lower class more after seeing their struggle.
The Emotional Experience: The performance shows a poor family working hard to put one of the sons through school so he can become a priest. Many times people are not willing to make sacrifices for others. But the performance shows that a family should be willing to do anything for each other. And as a society we could learn from that.
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Kyle Bassignani

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