Passionate Outdoor Painters

photo and artwork by Jane Appleby


Participating Artists

Jane Appleby | Janice Evans | Randy Green

Patricia Haley-Tsui | Tatjana Mirkov-Popovicki

Sahar McCullough | Frank Pochyly | Alison White

Eight British Columbia artists sharing their enthusiasm for painting “en Plein Air” by capturing the light and vibrant energy from our west coast landscapes. They all have a love of the outdoors and exploring our province and beyond.


Jane Appleby


Sky Pilot Mountain 8x10 oil on board
Snow Day Expression at Cypress 12x16 oil on board

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As a Passionate Outdoor Painter, I have experienced a connectivity to the landscape that has found its way into my art. Not only does it include expressive aspects of using paint but the souls desire to know and understand life in its full meaning. I have found purpose in using colour and brushwork to make a statement about vibrancy and emotion that is not only found in nature but sought through the heart and implied in my work. I especially love to paint forests, mountains, oceans and the evening light…and if you look closely you too will find inspiration that can move you.
Last Light, Colony Farms 11x14 oil on board
Gonzales Bay, Victoria 8x10 Oil on canvas
L - Bluffs Opening to Active Pass 8x10 oil on board; R - Shoreline Arbutus 10x8 oil on board
Colony Farm 11x14 oil on board
Dancing Light at Sundown, Galiano Island 8x10 oil on board
Boulders at Cypress Falls 8x10 oil on board
Forest Expressions 16x20 oil on canvas
My art is both a contemplative and expressive response to the natural settings I find myself in. By using colour and varied brushwork I grasp an essence of the place or moment, capturing what I sense is the “visual music" of the landscape or the feeling I experience from it. Each movement of the brush becomes a colourful note or chord, which plays out the scene. Even in abstracted interpretations, the landscape enlightens and challenges me to find new ways to observe and treasure it.
Colours in the Shadows, Burnaby Mountain 11x14 oil on board
Spring Marsh 8"x28" watercolour on paper matted and framed. I love the subtlety of textures and simplicity of almost monochromatic colours in this 'en plein air' watercolour. The conservation area in Nanaimo BC at Buttertub's Marsh is a lush environment to paint, between the city and main Island Highway ... sanctuary for many species of flora and fauna. The day I painted Spring Marsh I was high above the marsh in a viewing tower and did not realize a cougar was sheltering right underneath the tower! I'm sure he didn't know I was up above him as I'm pretty quiet when I'm painting.
Haiku #1 Harbour 29”x10” watercolour, ink. Minimalist paintings in a long and lean format became my Haiku series of poem paintings. Like a ‘haiku’, there are very few strokes/words to form a significant meaning to what is being viewed. Elements of white space are important in the design or story of each painting. The viewer is asked to read the painting and interpret their own translation of meaning. An Asian feel seems to permeate this series with simplicity of line and form within the space, creating a Zen-like narrative. En plein air, I meditated on the scene for a time, surrounded by my paints and brushes, then, suddenly reacted.
Haiku #7 Huangshan Mountains 29”x10” watercolour, ink. Painting ‘en plein air’ heightens my senses to what is around me. This minimalist painting, in a long and lean format became part of my Haiku series of ‘poem paintings’. Visiting China made me so aware of simplicity of line and form within the space in creating a Zen-like narrative. Like a haiku, there are very few strokes/words to form a significant meaning of what is being viewed and white space is important in the design or story of each painting.
My eyes, my heart, my hand on brush to paper… this is my mantra as a passionate outdoor painter. What stirs my soul is an immediacy of connection with what I’m seeing while painting in my outdoor studio space, our natural environment. Wherever I travel, I’m most likely painting. I invite you to see through my eyes that which has moved me to create and come along on this artist’s journey of passionately painting outdoors.
Close to Paradise 9" x 16" watercolour matted and framed. A beautiful West Coast morning of meditative reflection, this painting interrupts the beauty and peace of nature. Simple, liquid and sensuous, the coastal landscape takes your soul to another level and peace envelopes. I painted this early one morning on the beach in Tofino as the tides were receding.
Tofino June 14”x26” watercolour. Primordial impressions are part of the ancient west coast imagery. They permeate our senses with elements of rich darkness, lending impressionistic calligraphic marks that seep onto my paper. Early morning, before the sun saturated the darkness, ‘en plein air’ painting had my brushes soaked with deep luscious colours of trees and ocean. The feel of the salty air under your nose and taste on licking of lips is memorable. The scent is sometime dank, with pungent wetness of undergrowth or heady with cedar, sweet fir and pine. The sensory aspect is always present when painting ‘en plein air’.
Early Springtime- Quebec 20”x16” watercolour. Quebec memories with all the secret streams going down to the river from underground springs popping up into ponds like this, with rushes, frons and trees with wet feet, so full of life. This is a painting of spiritual grounding in earth’s renewal. This is the colour of spring in Quebec and Ontario
Serendipitous Summer Harbour 9”x21” watercolour and ink. Summer brings the heat and a slowing down of movement. Boats dock in harbours and a humid heaviness in the air makes people relax. In this en plein air high noon seemed to intensify colours and the hot against cool, light next to dark spoke significantly and presented a lovely summer composition.
Early Morning Light 10”x29” watercolour and ink matted and framed. West Coast light is quite different from the east. In winter, there appears clarity in the sky, with bands of brilliant colours of pink, tangerine and blue/purples… when it isn’t grey and overcast. This is what makes me enjoy the late winter month’s en plein air painting, in my nightgown and bare toes, out on my deck in Nanaimo. I get up before daybreak, set up, and wait for the magic light to appear in the sky. I use the element of white space as a colour dividing my composition, perhaps representing winter snow. Using my Chinese brushes, impressions of lights, habitation and treeline are created with calligraphic mark making. Painting quickly, I try to capture what I have been waiting for, as the light changes quickly with entering of the new day. Often, I can get two more paintings done before the light changes. My husband wakes and brings me a hot cup of tea, some shoes, socks and a jacket, mumbling, “Artists”!
The Sentinel 11”x15” watercolour. “I was enjoying the colours and textures of the land and sea, painting ‘en plein air’ on Vancouver Island by the ocean on a late afternoon summer day. Along came this bird into my frame and decided it wanted to be the focal point of my painting, sitting proudly on a branch as though saying, “Paint me”. There always seems to be an unexpected element that happens when painting outdoors. Honouring this bird, the painting is called The Sentinel.”
Marking the West Coast 10x29 watercolour matted and framed. A sculptural movement of line and colour, intricately woven across the coastline, makes identifiable marks for those to leave and come back home to their islands. Subtle tones play and layer upon each other while calligraphic marks dance and wave over top of landforms. A stillness, yet excitement, comes on approach to our home, with memories of what was and what is to be. I often think about what ‘home’ means and how we identify with certain places. A simple painting can evoke extraordinary feeling in us as we read into the images we look at and examine.
Haiku #4 Gentle Entry 29”x10” watercolour, ink. This painting is part of a series of minimalist paintings in a long and lean format that I call ‘Haiku’ painting/poems. With elements of quiet and contemplative space, this landscapes composition is its story. An en plein air piece created on Vancouver Island, it is mellow and silent just as the day was unfolding .The viewer is asked to read the painting and interpret their own feeling. The forms within the space give distance creating a Zen-like narrative. Surrounded by my paints and brushes, I suddenly reacted with paint and large brushes flying.


Randy Green


Randy Green`s paintings in New Perspectives are all 8x10 acrylic on board, framed. Click to see a larger view

Sun on the Rocks
Red Picnic Table, Barnet Marine Park
Bear Face Rock, Belcarra

Randy tells his painting stories

Randy Green is known for capturing nature and wildlife with fine detail. Although he has worked in various media, including oils and watercolours, he has focused on working with acrylics when outdoors, premixing his colours and quickly laying in the darks and lights of the scene. His new perspective is to consider compositions quickly and use fast small brush strokes to imply various textures.

Clootie Well Tree, Port Moody

The Clootie Well Tree story

Top left clockwise - Chimney Rock, Pavilion Lake; Inspired by the Light, Port Moody; Done Fishing, Pavilion Lake

Randy notices details in the everyday views he comes across. Daily he drives by the heritage church in Inspired by the Light. Most of the time it is in the shadow of a large tree. But, in the right season, for a very few days of the year, the angle of the morning sun highlights the weathered steeple, making it appear newly built.

Chimney Rock, is a limestone formation that juts out of Marble Canyon and it is visible from Randy Green's family property at Pavilion Lake, BC. He has been going there for more than forty years and used to hike it with his brother. It always amazes him that the landscape around is so rounded and Chimney Rock shoots out of the land and stands tall through all seasons.

Cedar Canoe
I am inspired by nature and the play of lights and darks within a scene. It could be a tree that I pass noticing specific details that catch my eye, like the texture of finger like branches, the mist veiling them, or strong shadows on formations. However, it is the mood of the light that speaks to me and that I wish to convey to the viewer.
L - Great Walk, Great View; R - Mount Cheam
Yew Lake, Cypress Mountain
It was like painting in a refrigerator ... the paint wouldn't dry.

B.C.'s plein air painters aren't intimidated by the weather. This painting was done during a three hour session, on Cypress Mountain in early November, with a temperature of -2 celcius.

Deboville Slough


Patricia Haley-Tsui


9 AM on a February Day 22x40 acrylic on canvas. Painted on location, from the south side of Burrard Inlet, this is an expressive view of the North Shore. It highlights the outdoors and our proximity to nature. Colours change by the hour on the Lions, and one has to paint quickly. From the Winter is Long series
Girl in Garden in October 11x14 acrylic on canvas
Seascape 8x10 acrylic on canvas
Pleine Air on a sunny, warm day when an artist can see things more clearly, and retreat from Covid confinement.

Winter is Long series

The Pacific in Winter 22x40 Acrylic on Canvas. Winter is not all grey and damp. It is often rainless, and a walk on the beach is a wonderful experience in winter. One doesn’t have to go far to enjoy this pleasure, as the beach patiently waits for you to visit. Walking along the Pacific Ocean and experiencing the wind and sounds of the Pacific Ocean, is one of lives pleasantries on the West Coast. In this painting textures were applied to the canvas, and then splashes of paint on the landscape.
Barclay Heritage Park in Winter. 22x40 acrylic on canvas. Painted while on the sidewalk. Splendid, leafless trees on an elevated berm behind 3 Heritage homes. Overcast with a hint of bright sky, this painting conveys the quiet beauty of a Lower Mainland winter afternoon.

Summer is Short series

Outdoor Lyrics. Moved by the emotions and sounds of Vancouver’s sunny, summer days where land and abundant urban wildlife proliferate, the artist spent several days and evenings at work capturing the insect, weed and perennial life that exists in the busy city. Each painting was created in a separate spot, but in the same location, Barclay Heritage Square. Shown alone or in groupings, they express a unique perspective of a Canadian urban summer yard.

Butterflies in the Garden 12x9 mixed media on canvas
L - Bees Behind a Heritage House; R - Gecko 3 on the Fence; both 12x9 mixed media on canvas
Wasp 12x9 mixed media on canvas
L - Shade Glen; R - Urban Evening; both 12x9 mixed media on canvas


Tatjana Mirkov-Popovicki


Good Land 36x48 acrylic on canvas
At first glance, my new series Good Land celebrates the natural beauty of Western Canada. But it also brings up its pain-points and fragility. I am using the visual language the landscape has taught me, to converse with it. Still in awe of what it says to me, a new question arises these days: Can these places be saved? This will be a continuous project as I keep discovering locations that beg this question, and making paintings that express my deepest feelings for this good land.

Tatjana Mirkov-Popovicki "Using the dry brush technique to create texture. Shift the color temperature and repeat... many times"

I traveled extensively through western Canada and let the landscape burn its patterns into my mind and heart, resulting in my Glacier to Ocean series. This body of work helped me to fully immerse myself in the visual language of the land. I soaked in the shapes, forms, and colours of our mountains, lakes, and coastline, reinterpreting them in the paint.

Canadian Landscape enchanted Tatjana from the very first days in her new homeland. Her paintings begin with immersion in nature, while climbing a mountain, hiking through forests, or beachcombing a secluded cove. She uses the acrylic medium to concoct chromatic mixtures and organic forms, capturing the awe-inspiring scenes found in the wilderness.

Brady's Beach 16x16 acrylic on canvas
Low Tide at Brady's Beach 48x48 acrylic on canvas
Pacific Patterns 24x30 acrylic on canvas
Salt Spring Sentinel 30x40 acrylic on canvas
Ocean's Gifts 36x36 acrylic on canvas


Sahar McCullough

Sahar McCullough paints in oils, acrylics, pastels and watercolours. Her paintings reflect her love of the outdoors, especially the West Coast. She has been painting throughout the Fraser Valley, the Rockies, Whistler area and Mount Baker.

Herendon Glacier, Stewart B.C. 24X30 Oil
Yellowstone Falls 36X24 Oil
Mt. Assiniboine 10X8 Oil
Deboville Slough North 16X12 Oil
Overwhelmed 24x18 pastel
Colony Farm Close Up 8x10 oil on board
Bodega Ridge 18x24 oil on canvas; It’s a small hike on Galiano Island to this tall bluff overlooking Salt Spring Island.
I feel my life is greatly enhanced by having the opportunity to be creative. If you’ve lost your desire for culture, art or anything, you must go where it thrives and surrounds you. Make this place your home.
Cain Beach 9x12 oil on canvas; Small beach on Galiano Island overlooking Mount Baker

Frank Pochyly is a self-taught artist. However, he is quick to point out that his father, having received many years of formal art training and a University Degree in Architecture in Czechoslovakia, has passed some of this training down, not to mention his inherent artistic talent. He says his father’s artistic work and instruction has been a great influence on him and has encouraged him to seek his own style of art.

Rebecca Spit 30x36 oil on canvas; A beautiful beach off Quadra Island
Galliano Island 16x20 oil on canvas
Sandstone Beach 10x12 oil on canvas; The long sandstone beaches are located on the east side looking east towards Vancouver
Two trees 14x18 oil on canvas; this is just in front of the property we have on Galiano Island
Whytecliff Park 18x20 oil on canvas; oil on canvas; This is my favourite park, near Horseshoe Bay in North Vancouver.
Pigeon Cove Flats, Port Moody 12x12 acrylic on canvas
Washington Trail, Port Moody 12 x12 acrylic on canvas
Coquitlam River Swamp, 12x9, acrylic on canvas 16x13

Left - Alison White painting on Galiano Island

As an artist, I am very fortunate to live in a beautiful part of the country, and to be part of a community that fosters the arts. Painting local scenes on site as a plein air artist is one of the most satisfying and challenging activities. Light changes, colours become more intense, focus moves, all challenging to artist. The resulting painting can be totally rewarding.
Kyle Heritage, Port Moody 12 x12 acrylic on canvas
Noons Creek Port Moody 12x14 acrylic on canvas
Noons Creek Hatchery, Port Moody 16x14 acrylic on canvas
Dead Moped Trail, Burnaby Mountain 16x14 acrylic on canvas
Imperial Creek, Ioco Townsite 12x12 acrylic on canvas
Point No Point, Vancouver Island 12x16 acrylic on canvas
L - Coldstream Creek, Vernon R - Winter Snow in My Backyard, Port Moody; both 12x12 acrylic on canvas
Polaris Barn, Anmore 14x16 acrylic on canvas


"New Perspectives"

Passionate Outdoor Painters

This exhibition was intended to be installed in the galleries at PoMoArts in June 2020. Due to the pandemic, it was postponed and is now being presented as a digital exhibition. With gratitude to the artists for their flexibility and for trusting us in the transition to the online presentation of their artwork.

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