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When Scooch was founded in 2015, DO MORE became our mission, our rallying cry, our way of being.

We believe that consumers deserve MORE from their phones: MORE protection, MORE functionality, MORE choices, MORE freedom. Each product provides a unique benefit set; however, our fundamentals never falter. One feature that remains consistent across the DO MORE series: our commitment to DO MORE each day to support organizations that provide empowerment, protection and autonomy to those in need.

Scooch donates 10% of profits to organizations that help victims of crime and abuse

One organization we Do MORE for: Prevail Inc

Prevail is dedicated to serving victims of crime and abuse in a confidential, supportive, non-judgmental environment that is meant to empower, educate and strengthen those we serve. By offering these life-saving services, free of charge, they help people move forward – to give hope for a life free of violence and fear – to provide care and understanding in crisis – to help make an easier path in facing life’s challenges. Prevail seeks to make positive change happen – in individuals and families, in our communities, and in our social systems.

The Wingman mounts directly into vents

The DO MORE System

The core of the DO MORE System is the Scooch Wingmount. Paired with Qi wireless charging innovation, Quool Charge™ technology, it creates an ease-of-use system unlike anything on the market; and it's compatible with all of our Do More™ products.

Our Design Philosophy

Simple. Where form meets function; with a hint of pop styling.

Clear, Black, and Rose Gold. The most popular mobile colors for phones and cases.

Our Customer Service

Giving world-class customer service by remaining consistent in seeking and delivering on customer feedback, improving products and designs, and expanding into useful areas of the customer's life is the cornerstone of our philosophy. When customers choose Scooch, they won't be choosing a product, they'll be choosing a system. They'll be choosing a partner.

Our Ears

Scooch Direct & Social Media Channels

We're dedicated to being where our customers are so that we can find and listen to their feedback

Where to Buy

More locations for Scooch products coming soon
Wingman functionality on any case. Universal Wingback.

Functional Design Creates Scooch Wins

From 0 to 5700 in under two years

In under two years, Scooch has grown from 0 to 5700 stores. Consumers love the product. All it takes is that first click. As a result, Scooch is poised for significant growth in the coming year.


  • 200% growth in number of employees
  • 200% growth in number of stores
  • 200% growth in number of products offered
  • National Advertising Campaign Launched
  • 30 Sec Commercial Launched
  • Scooch selected as the Sprint Spotlight Accessory starting Jan 12, 2018
When consumers see the product, they want it. In late 2017, we launched a hyper-focused regional campaign and a national digital campaign.
Simplicity through magnetic mounting. The core of our Do MORE system.


  • GOAL: 15,000 STORES (163% INCREASE)
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Paul Porter

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