Muzine This magazine was made by siria and raúl

Those are the singles that we interviewed this week.

Our first interviewee is Shakira

Today we were talking to Shakira, we have made a very good job together.

She has given us several headlines about her life, like she never fell in love with Piqué... we will see below.

Her last album has been sold breaking all the records and we have asked her about it. She has become in a very important person around the world, even if she hadn't made Football World Cup hymn, everything wouldn't have been like we know it nowadays.

Lots of questions have been answered about: her last song(what would you have made if your last album hadn't been on the top lists ? Is your last album your favourite one ? Did you enjoy recording it ? Is it going to be your last work as singer?); her life( and now, what is your aspirations at life? Do you think of birth more children ? Is your baby, Sasha, getting better with her infection? And what about your relationship ship with Gerard Piqué? Do you get on well with him ? Do you miss him?

Shakira: So, firstly I would do everything to become my album in a very famous one if it weren't so popular but luckily, it has been become in one of the most well-known albums all over the world. No, it isn't my favourite album but I adore it. Of course! She said. We had lots of time to prepare the videoclip. I think if my fans follow supporting me I will have more songs soon. I hope so! I said.

Now I'm taking after my children everyday, doing the housework at weekends and going out with some friends. Oh no! Hehehe I have three children and I don't want anymore. Oh yes, now we are keeping distance but I think we can create a very real friendship.

Our next VIP is Maluma, we will see below

Our producer team and our interviewers have been interviewing Maluma, a very important reggeaton singer. He has been able to get more than 2 billions fans in a very short of time less than a year more or less. Since 2009 he has been singing and he was awarded the best Latin American artist around the world by MTV Europe Music Awards.

Last week he admitted to us that he is probably recording his last album because he is very tired and his real vocation is to act in a comedy film, like Adam Sadler or similar. He gave us a very good interview, he show us around his house( that it's very precious ) and he cooked us a delicious Colombian food, it's called Tamales, we didn't like so much but it was good.

He said to us that his sexuality has been given lots of headlines because he has been judged to be a homosexual and currently top magazines have said that he has a relationship with Ricky Martin.

However he denied everything and he admitted that he likes people judge him and if he hadn't come to Las Palmas, The Canary still would have thought that he is homosexual

It was an incredible experience. We wish he can get everything he wants because he is a very honest person in spite of his age. A gig will be done shortly . Good luck Maluma.

The third one is the marvellous Jennifer López

Good afternoon Jennifer, could we make you some questions about your career toward the fame?- Yes, of course!,- Which was your first time on television? -It was when I had a second role in My Little Girl and at this time I thought in became in a famous person. If I hadn't acted in that film perhaps I wouldn't have achieved my fame. -How were your parents when you told them your decision of being a singer? Did they support you ? -At first they thought that my career as singer wouldn´t be a great one but when time passed my life was changing and they really started to support me. -What can you tell us about your relationship with Marc Anthony? -I think I have a not very common family. i´m a single mother, (Marc Anthony) my children´s father doesn´t live with them. they have three more step-brothers. -Do you think of having more babes? -Yes, why not? it´s an incredible experience that God gives us, and I loves babes too much!! -Have you ever participated in any tv program? - Yes, I have. I have worked as a dancer, actress, singer, tv presenter, choreographer … -Well, I have no more questions jennifer thenk you very much and good luck in your life I hope you get all your dreams. -Thanks, see you.

We vere with Alejandro Sanz yesterday, it was a marvellous interview. He always show himself as a humble person who looks like a friend when you meet him.

He was interviewed during 3 hours full of headlines, laughs...

His songs will be heard around the world. He is a singer-song writer, a guitarist and a Spanish musician. He told us that his album has been sold in about 50 different countries.

If he didn't participate in The Voice, the audience would be less than how it was. And if he hadn't made the song "La Música No Se Toca", the music world wouldn't have changed.

Alejandro started to sing when he was a child.

He learnt to play the guitar when he was 7. Every song he wrote was for love.

He has given his money to organisations which help children like Playing For Change.

He has collaborated with many international artists and he has been become in most important artist in music Spain history.

And with Alejandro we finish our section today, we hope you have enjoyed these interviews. See you next week!

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