Bomb By- Azhar Waliani


"The making of the atomic bomb affected a lot of people in many ways." The story starts off in part one by, the name of this chapter is Skinny Superhero. A man named Robert Oppenheimer is a physicist and teaches in a institution he also does chemistry. Now we get on to Adolf Hitler, he is in the Nazi Party and was a chancellor of Germany. Hitler kept on demanding land from Europe, and also the depression affected Hitler. In the second chapter called The U Business, 5 new people came in the story, Otto Hahn (A chemist; knows the universe is made out of atoms), Lise Meitner (Jewish physicist who has been forced out of Germany by Hitler), Otto Frisch (Is a physicist), Niels Bohr (Great Danish physicist; though atoms can split into two), and Luis Alvarez (Worked with Oppenheimer). On to the next chapter called Finding Einstein! In this chapter Eugene Wigner and Leo Szilard are trying to find Albert Einstein. They looked places and places and finally they had found him. They told him fusion had been discovered and President Roosevelt doesn't even know about it. Let's go to our next chapter called Tradecraft. In this chapter President Roosevelt formed the Uranium Committee which had military leaders and Scientists. Tom Black was a communist and he was trying to make Harry Gold a communist. Also a little boy named Semyon Semyonov was a 13 year old engineer with a degree. In our next chapter called Rapid Rupture Alexander Feklisov was a colleague with Semyonov. Something bad happens in this chapter, Germany forms an alliance with Japan and Japan bombs pearl harbor after that and the U.S stops sending goods to Japan leaving Japan without any goods. On to the next chapter and in this chapter called Norway Connection a man named Knut Kaukelid who is a 29 year old Norwegian found a effective way to fight Germany. On our last but not least chapter called Enormoz, Oppenheimer and the people in the committee were doing in select stuff in the Uranium Committee.

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