THINGS TO KEEP IN MIND IF YOU VISIT A GYM Tracing the rampant and unethical sale of proteins and steroids in chennai


Gyms have become a favourite amongst youth who are set upon getting that 'perfect' body. Fat-shaming and body consciousness have driven people to believe anything and everything handed out to them.

Women exercising in Rapsee Fitness Gym, Adyar.

Protein powders and supplements are the most sought out options for fast results. These powders are sold in huge boxes at high prices over-the counter and in Gyms. The main ingredient of protein is Whey which has been associated with cancer in many articles.

Monster Nutrition is one of the many supplement stores in Chennai.

Mr Vignesh Sundar, a former Mr. India has established his own supplement store, Monster Nutrition, in Selaiyur, Chennai. In a conversation about the negative effects of Protein shakes, Vignesh shows how Chennai has become a market for the sale of fake and adulterated protein powders.

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After paying such hefty sums the outcome is not what you will expect.

D.r. Preeti Raj, owner and nutitionist at Wutoo Nutrition talks about the side effects of protein powder consumption and how important it is to take medical advice before consuming any supplement or steroids.

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Big boxes of protein powders are sold at anything between Rs7000-RS14000, depending on the company and quality of the product.

Made of Whey these powders have preservatives and some are adulterated. Hand-written price tags are the most common indicators of a fake over-priced products.

Imported from USA and Australia these protein powders are sold at double prices. Because of the rising popularity of these products duplication has become easier and more wide-spread.

Located in The Phoenix Mall, Velachery, Doctors Pharmacy is just one of the many who sell protein powders at higher rates and sometimes fake imported products.

The Pharmacist at the counter was un-informed and un-responsive to many questions asked. His knowledge on the products at his workplace is almost next to zero.

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Weight-loss medicines and other herbal products are sold openly without any prescriptions. The customer needs to simply demand a medicine, no questions are asked.

Most gyms promote the sale of supplements and advice their clients to use it as a main source of protein which will help in mass building and easy weight loss, depending on the type of product being promoted.

Customers encouraged by these easy methods given by 'experts' buy these products and have full faith in them.

Watch Harsh talk for protein-shakes:

The sale of supplements/steroids is illegal if not prescribed by a doctor, says doctor Preeti Raj:

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