Mengolia and Taiwan By: LynEtte and Jasmine N.

  • History of Mongolia
  • Qing Dynasty fell and Outer Mongolia claimed independence (1911)
  • Russia, China and Mongolia signed a treaty (1915)
  • Chinese army occupied Outer Mongolia (1919)
  • Russia drove China out and established a government of communist country (1928)
  • Upraisings took place (1932)
  • Got a prime minister (1939)
  • Mongolia claimed a war on Japan (1945)
  • Mongolia became part of the United Nations (1961)
  • (1962) Mongolia sided with the Soviet Union with a fall-out from China
  • (1969) China was threatening Mongolia so the Soviet Union put an army near the border
  • (1987) Made relations with the United States
  • (1990) Fist democratic elections and first democratic prim minister
  • (1996) First non-communist government elected
  • (1998) Government fell and Prime Minister became caretaker
  • Mongolia's religion is Shamanism,Buddhism or Muslim
  • There main food is meat and milk
  • They sing with wide variety of instruments and sing songs with their throats (they have to have skill)
  • Mongolia's favorite sports are wrestling, horse races and archery (known as The Games of Men)
  • Wrestling is the most important sport in Mongolia
  • Horse racing is also very important
  • They have to take 7 years of schooling. (Ages 8-15) This schooling is called primary schooling.
  • Next is Secondary Schooling and kids can go to Secondary schooling if they want too.
  • Then it's tertiary schooling (there is two parts of Tertiary school)
  • There is a lot of corruption in Mongolia.
  • The economy is very slow going.
  • Nothing is really getting done.
  • It is slowly becoming more modern as time goes on.
  • Mongolia is still very vulnerable to this day because of corruption.
  • History about Taiwan
  • 1945 - Japan gave China back there land after World War II (including Taiwan)
  • 1947 - Taiwan was still under China's communist country.
  • 1949 - Foced Taiwan to be under China's rule after two decades of civil war.
  • 1950 - The US helped protect Taiwan against Chinese forces.
  • 1954 - China attacked Taiwan, US and Taiwan fought back (China gave Taiwan freedom)
  • 1960-1968 - Taiwan was doing extremely well, economic growth was happening.
  • 1971 - China and Taiwan was invited into the United Nations (Taiwan expelled later)
  • 1978 - US states its relations with Taiwan.
  • 1988 - Taiwan had there first native-born president.
  • 1999 - Taiwan made a Declaration of Independence to China
  • They are really into traditions.
  • Taiwan is also into to manners and respecting their elders.
  • They have certain ways of doing things we do not think of.
  • Example: when you greet people, you greet the oldest one.
  • Preschool is not mandatory, they could go until the age 7.
  • Then it's Elementary School (grades 1-6)
  • Then it's Junior High (grades 7-9)
  • Senior High (grades 10-12)
  • After that Vocantional School like University
  • Taiwan is doing great for the short ter of their economy.
  • They might have trouble for the future though.
  • Taiwan is a multi-party democracy as well as Mongolia.


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