LoL...OMG A webcam, twitter and tragedy

Talking on the internet about freshman roommates. The way one student talked about the other and posting mean comments, even though they are true the whole world doesn't need to know. It talks a lot about how college freshman talk about others online. But mid chapter the the student that was bullying and cyber bullying killed himself by jumping off the George Washington bridge. The student killed himself because his roommate was telling everyone how he was gay and everyone knew it so everyone teased him.

The way I feel about this is it is unacceptable. How can you live with yourself if you bullied someone to the point to kill themselves. Cmon that's terrible I mean if it was your friend and it was a little joke it's different, but a stranger that's so bad. I would never bully anyone to the point of killing themselves let alone bully anyone ever. Unless it was my friend and it was a joke.

HE WAS SPYING ON ME and you guys don't see anything wrong with that? Not my favorite quote but the most meaningful.

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