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So you wanna learn about studio lighting equipment? well came to a good place


Monolight is a self-contained photographic flash lighting unit This is a light most photographers use for their main light focus.


We mainly use the stands to hold our backdrop aka our background. we can use any color we have in stock.


These are use for different kind of lighting method , we tend to use the gold side to protrudes warm lighting.

Pocket Wizard

We use these to connect the flash to our cameras, its a wireless adapter to set the flash off right as the photo is getting taken.

Hot Shoe

This is a piece you'll need if you have a sync cord, it does the same job as a pocket wizard but its for wires.

Sync Cord

A sync Cord connect from the strobe to the Hot Shoe to the camera your using to set off the flash.


A Diffuser is a device that spreads the light from a light source evenly and reduces harsh shadows.

Barns Door

There are some who believe barn doors are only on a lighting fixture to protect the bulb from breakage.


Gels are ways to get new photos, they change the color of the hot lights.


its a stand that holds stuff.


it holds down the light stand to make sure it doesn't fall, it make its stable.


this a stand for your camera and it makes it stable for when you record things and not have it to be shaky .

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