Bosnia and Herzegovina


In the country Bosnia and Herzegovina the major languages spoken are Slavic, Croatian, and Serbian. The capital is Sarajevo and it is located on the south eastern corner of Europe.


The date this country came into existence is August 29th 1189. Famous people or rulers, Kings, and presidents are Mladen ludanic (a Bosnia Serb in 2014). Then there is a Bosniak in 2010 and his name is Bakir Lzeatbegovic. Major events that happened in this country is that is was conquered by Romans. The goths overran the portion of the declining Roman Empire, Bosnia won independence from Hungary and endured this. Also that Franz Ferdinand and his wife Sophie were assassinated in this country, this triggered World War One to start.

This is the Bosnian and Herzegovinan flag,

This is Franz Ferdinand and his wife Sophie who were assassinated in Sarajevo.


The geography of Bosnia and Herzegovina is filled with mountains,The Dinaric Alps mountain range dominates the western border with Croatia. Elevations of more than 6,000 feet are common, and Bosnia and Herzegovina is home to plateaus near the Adriatic Sea.

(Here are some maps)


Food: Many of the dishes in Bosnia and Herzegovina are smoked meat-related this includes foods such as Cevapis, small grilled meat sausages , Pljeskavica a patty dish, and Begova Corba which is a meat and vegetables soup.

(Most Popular foods)

Fashion: The People who live in Bosnia and Herzegovina wear normal clothes like the rest of the world but they have some traditional clothes for example, Most of the traditional costumes made in Bosnia and Herzegovina were made of wool, flax, hemp and leather.Though these more traditional clothes were worn only during weddings and burial ceremonies.

(Influenced by Muslim clothing)

Music: Rock music has been popular in Bosnia and Herzegovina since the mid-20th century. Popular and influential rock bands and artists have included some bands called, Indexi, Bijelo dugme, and Divlje jagode. Bosnia and Herzegovina also enjoy classical music, like"ravne pjesme" (flat song) styles, as well as instruments like a droneless bagpipe, wooden flute and šargija. They also enjoy Modern Folk, Hip Hop and Pop.

(popular musical instruments)

Holidays: Bosnia and Herzegovina have many holidays, their Independence Day is March 1st. They have a republic day is January 9th. They also celebrate many other other famous holidays like Valentines day and Christmas.

(Christmas and Valentines day)

Religion: The religion in Bosnia and Herzgovania is Orthodox, Muslim and Islam.Bosnian Croats with the Roman Catholic Church, and Bosnian Serbs with the Serb Orthodox Church.

(These are some of the Bosnian churches)


Bosnia and Herzegovina is under a Democracy, and a tripartite presidency. Between the Serb, Croatian, and Bosnian political parties. The current president is Mladen Ivanić and the prime minister is Denis Zvizdić. It is also known to be one of the countries with the most confusing government systems.

(this is the President and the Prime Minister)


The general weather conditions in Bosnia and Herzegovina are nicer weather but still cold, very rainy, lots of snow fall. The average yearly temperature 66*F or 19*C and the average rain fall is 60 mm. The climate effects the country, because the country is cold it doesn't have a lot of tourists and it has a ton of rainfall.


Natural Resources are the Arable land, forests, salt, silver, lead, copper, iron ore, chromium, and coal. The manufacturing, iron and steel, saw wood and wood products, food are among the the products. The land use is 42.2% agricultural land, 19.7% permanent crops, and 2% permanent pasture. The major occupations are English teachers, journalists, and Sports and Medical jobs. The currency is Coins, Blank notes, Euro, marks and pfennigs.

Intresting Facts

  • Bosnia and Herzegovina hosted the 1984 Winter Olympics.
  • The name “Bosnia” comes from an Indo-European word Bosana, which means water.
  • 3.8 million people live there.
  • Stari Most (in our opinion) in one the most beautiful places to visit in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
  • m

The Stari Most is (according to) many websites could be Europe's most Beautiful bridges.



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