Mesozoic By luke jacobs

The Mesozoic era was the time of dinosaurs like the triceratops and the velociraptor. Many dinosaurs were strong but there was only one that was what most people call the king, the T-Rex

At the beginning of the Mesozoic Era, all of the earth's continents were welded together to form the supercontinent Pangaea. This hot and dry continent was inhabited by reptiles that had survived the Permian–Triassic extinction event. Near the end of the Triassic Period, Pangaea began to break apart.

Carnegie Museum of Natural History: Geology of the Mesozoic Era › online › mesozoic


There were all kinds of different dinosaurs like small/ big, walking/flying/swimming, meat eaters/ plant eaters.

Meat and plant eaters

Then the Big Bang happened and the dinosaurs went extinct. Then the age of cave men started.

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