Shanghai By Hayden DeBoer

About Shanghai

Shanghai is the most populous city proper in the world. There is over 24 million people. It is a major shipping and trading city. Shanghai is the "showpiece" of China. Shanghai means upon the sea. Shanghai is the largest city in China.


Shanghai is an Ocean City. It has many ports and docks. The East Coast of Shanghai extends into a peninsula. Shanghai also has many deltas and bays. Shanghai is a humid Subtropical climate. There are many rivers that run through Shanghai. The Yangtze and Huangpu are examples.


Shanghai is the epicenter of China's financials. It is the most expensive city to live in on mainland China. It is the most prosperous Shanghai has 1.92 trillion dollars in their GDP. Shanghai is home to the largest container port in the world. In the last two decades. Shanghai has developed more than any other city in the world. Since 1992 Shanghai has almost doubled its GDP. Shanghai is the industrial center of China. It is responsible for the majority of China's exports. Shanghai has the most free trade zones in China. China is responsible for 78% of China's industrial products. Shanghai's largest industry is the automobile industry. Shanghai is the most expensive city in mainland China. Before Shanghai was a city, it was a swamp. The average person in Shanghai has $21,000 in disposable income. The large number of hotel rooms makes the price of five star rooms only $153. Shanghai has the third largest stock exchange.


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