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My favorite song is "What Makes You Beautiful" One Direction

About Me

Hi! l’m Tally Youngblood. I’m sixteen years old and still an ugly. I was born on September ninth. I live in Uglyvile. I have a nose that’s too wide and lips that are too thin. Also too large a forehead and really frizzy hair. I have a scar on my right palm from when me and my best friend Peris cut each other to symbolize our friendship would last forever. Ever since I was a littlie I dreamed about becoming a pretty. I pull lots of pranks most recently I pretend that me and my friend shay fell off a building but I had a bungee jacket on.

Latest Blog Entry

Hey guys so I just went and visited my friend Peris in New Pretty Town and I'm going to tell you all about it. So first of all I had to ditch my interface ring in my dorm room this was really risky because now the cars and such cant see me, but it was necessary because otherwise I wouldn't have made it out. Next I had to go to cross the river I had to wade threw the water because otherwise the bridge would tattle on me. After that I was finally in I had to go threw the pleasure garden and steal a mask from the parade to get into Garbo Mansion where Peris was. Once I was in the building I had tp climb multiple flights of stairs to get to where Peris was. When I saw him he pulled us into the elevator so no one could see or hear us. At the end of our conversation I bungee jumped off the roof, how crazy is that right, and I ran out of New Pretty Town having to avoid two cops. This is very important because this is where I met Shay we became very goo friends after this night.

Favorite Things

  • hoverboarding
  • pulling elaborate tricks
  • using my interface ring to make pictures of what i want to look like after the surgery
  • hanging out with Shay
  • I spend a lot of time looking out my window at New Pretty Town


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