GOALS SMART - Shayla Hernandez

My Short Term Goal is to Graduate High School With a 4.0 GPA
  • Keeping 4.0 Average
  • Ask if my grades are where they need to be
  • Ask teachers for help if needed
  • Since doing it my past years in high school it is possible
  • Couple weeks before graduation, the end of May and asking for help if needed
My Short Term Goal is to Attend College After High School
  • Attend college after graduation
  • Apply and get accepted to colleges
  • Apply for scholarships
  • With my drive for success and accomplishment I can and will attend college
  • Within a summer after June 7th which is graduation
My Long Term Goal is to Start My Career as a Computer Engineer
  • Start my career as a Computer Engineer
  • Graduate and complete college with my best ability
  • Not slacking in my college work and homework will be a first priority
  • As long as I stay motivated and never quit
  • After 4 years of college or maybe more to further my education
My Long Term Goal is to Buy My Dream Car
  • Buy My Dream Car After College
  • Start my Career and save money
  • Have my savings account deposited every paycheck if I can
  • Search around online if there is any Challenger or Charger to buy (1969-1970)
  • After I start my career and save enough to buy and repair it to my liking
Created By
Shayla Hernandez


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