Alishan Mountain By: Timothy LIou

Welcome to Alishan! One of Taiwan's most beautiful natural wonders. The peaks of mountains stretch above the clouds and is why it is often refered to as the "sea of clouds". In addition to the amazing views and scenery, the mountains also contains years and years of Taiwan history and traditions.
Founded by the Taiwanese Governor-General Office, the Alishan Forest is one of the top rated railways in the world. It gives you an incomparable view of the whole mountain and it's beauty. Tickets can be bought at the Chiayi Railway Station 4 days before the travel.
Taking the Alishan railways gives people an amazing view. A tradition for climbing Alishan is to catch the morning sunrise and take great photos.
Visiting Alishan allows you to experience Native Taiwanese tribes. They have lots of shows that even allow for audience participation.
Climbing up the stairs to the summit is not a hard climb. Climbing the mountains is a good exercise. As said before, the mountain offers an outstanding view of Taiwan
The Alishan House Hotel is a great hotel at decent price for what you are getting. With a rating of 4/5 stars, the Hotel offers a luxurious free breakfast in addition to free spas and massages. With a family of 4 (2 adults and 2 children) one night costs 343 dollars.
Renting a car can be rented online at Renting a car comes with several options including economy, compact, midsize and SUV depending on the amount of people traveling. Economy usually means for a family of 4 while the SUV holds 5 people.


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