Outdoor Worship Guidelines Grace Ministry

Grace Ministry Outdoor Service on July 25 (Sat) at 7:30PM at church parking lot.


All are welcome! : )
Before You Come to Church

1. We will not be doing temperature checks but please fill out the screening questionnaire form before attending. Here is the link. If you have any questions, contact Pastor Sean (pslee3971@gmail.com).

2. Please bring your own face masks, outdoor chairs, bug spray, water, hand sanitizer and anything you may need to stay comfortable. No chairs will be provided in order to reduce any risks from sharing the church chairs.

3. Please check the latest updated announcements. In case of inclement weather, outdoor worship service will be cancelled. If you have any questions, contact Pastor Sean Lee (973-727-4241).

4. Park your car at the assigned parking lot located next to the Family Center when you enter through Shreerves Ln. Please follow the directions when you arrive at church. See the attached map.

During the Worship

5. All participants, leaders, attendees must wear face masks during the entire service.

6. During worship, the worship leaders and performers are exempt from wearing face masks as long as they are 12 feet from the nearest person, including other leaders and performers.

7. No congregational singing would be allowed. Attendees can listen to the praise team and hum under their masks.

8. Seating and/or standing must participate in social distancing of six feet apart and please sit/stand with your families.

9. Please try not to use the restrooms at church. In an emergency, restrooms in the Family Center behind the worship stage will be open. Please follow the directions of the volunteers.

10. Worship volunteers may ask for your contact information or request to fill out a form in the event that someone contracts the virus (See #1).

11. Hand sanitizer and extra masks will be prepared.

12. Please continue to use the online tithing for offering.

After the Worship

13. No fellowship or refreshments will be offered.

14. When you leave, please drive carefully, especially within the parking lot.

Please keep in mind:

15. For persons in vulnerable categories, and with pre-existing conditions and those who says yes to any of those questions in the pre-screening questionnaire form (Link under #1), we highly recommend remaining at home for the online service streaming on YouTube on Sunday.

16. In order to honor “No touch limitations,” the list below won’t be done during the outdoor worship:

17. If you are not comfortable with following the guidelines, please remain at home for the online service streaming on YouTube on Sunday.