Is It Real? Alyssa Cummings

If you like to watch movies that leave you wondering if what you just watch was real or not then I recommend that you watch the movie paranormal activity 3.

This movie is really awesome. It shows how/what lead up to the whole things happen. It has the best look to it and I think that's why it give you that thought of can this stuff really happen.

My favorite part in the movie would have to be....

This part is the best part because it shows that Krisie does care about her sister and she stoped Toby from hearing her Katie. It also shows that Toby was not going to take no for an answer. This is the part that made me wonder if it was real.

The setting is at the girls home and some weird stuff has been happening. Krisie has made a new friend named Toby and they soon find out is will lead to the death of their mom and stepdad.

Created By
Alyssa Cummings

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