Ways to Conserve Water By Julie Barber

Reduce the amount of processed foods that you eat, they take up more water to produce.
Use rainwater to water your land, it helps conserve how much water you use on your property
Choose and use the appliances in your home wisely
Only do a full load of laundry rather than having separate loads. It'll help keep the water footprint down.
Repair any leaky faucets or pipes, that can help reduce the amount of water that's being wasted while using them
Use the Garbage Disposal Sparingly
Use the lowest possible water setting on a Washing Machine
Wash lawns early in the morning or late at night to avoid evaporation
Install low flow shower heads and faucets or faucet areators
Use waste water from Washing Machines, bath, or dish washing on the garden. Make sure you filter it through some kind of medium to make sure it won't contaminate the plants and nearby organisms.
Compost rather than using the garbage disposal, that saves a lot of water!
After cooking while using water, once it cools you can use it on watering the crops and grass.


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