Friendship Bethny bolin

" no-look I was just Rollin' , lennie cause I want you to stay with me" he shows a true friendship with George because he wants him to stay and not leave .

Spongebob square pants

SpongeBob squarepants shows a great example of firiendship , he has a best friend named Patrick that stays by his side through thick and thin they do a lot of crazy things together like catching jelly fishes 🐠🐠

Tinkerbell & periwinkle

Tinkerbell and periwinkle is another example because even if there from 2 different sides , Tinkerbell challenges herself to go see periwinkle even if she messes up her wings .

So what ? Impact

My so what impact is that stay with your friends through the bad and good and they'll never leave challenge yourself to do things will ith your friends and never break that close bond 👫👯🔒

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