Costello's 8th Birtday February 10, 2017

Happy Birthday! Costello That's Me!!! I'am 8 years old today! Hooray! I am growing I'm a big boy now. I had a lot fun, and Looky who came to celebrate with me little Anton. He always makes my Birthday special. He organized all my presents before I even saw them and placed them neat and orderly. He even picked out a couple of my Birthday presents himself, he picked out the red ball in a ball, and of coarse my cheeseburger he knows cheeseburgers are my very favorite. He was a Great Birthday helper today. Thank You so much Silver Bullet! Thank You so much to everyone for all your Birthday wishes, cards, and gifts I enjoyed them all Thank You! Love to all! Costello Fellow!
Here I am playing in the snow, one of my favorite pastimes. Not to deep for my little legs, but enough to jump and play and be merry. 2016 brought many adventures and surprises for me. I traveled throughout the country this year, and my days were packed ("I had a case in court every morning") with places to go and loved ones to see. I love to spend time with each and every one of you, and I already miss you all.
January 1st 2016 looky who came by to see me. My Uncle Perry and Aunt Blanca here they are with my nephews Anton (Silver Bullet) and Axton (Mr. Magoo) and me the center of attention. We had so much fun that day smoking and joking. My brother in-law Ronan cooked up an excellent pot of chili. His chili is so HOT I had to drink milk all day, my tongue was burning. We continued to snack all day and finished up with my Aunt Blanca's yummy desert.
Please let us in we are freezing! We know you have tasty treats in there, how much longer do we have to wait? What a beautiful winter wonderland the snow brought this year. Madyson (Bubba Gumpers) and I love to chase and race each other on the trails. Sometimes I beat her, but not very often, she is so fast. My mom runs ahead and we always catch her. We are so pretty, sometimes we don't know what to do with ourselves. Don't you think? With all this training, we may be ready to climb Mt Everest someday.
Love is in the air! Cupid's arrow hit my door with a bang this year. Look at all the goodies he left me. I love Valentine's Day my heart burst with love for everyone. This year Madyson was my sweetheart and I hers. She is my very special friend.
Easter brings such Joy! Praise the Good Lord He has Risen! He makes everything Anew! He brings Life to us all! The hunt is on. My parents get more creative every year as you can see some of my eggs are camouflaged. I took longer than usual to find all my eggs and some I missed they were hidden in spots I never looked before. My mom and dad are tricky, but I will find them all next year.
Springtime brings the warmth and I am playing outside with Mr. Magoo. Even though I have some of my chew/tug-a-war toys, Mr. Magoo is not interested. You never know, he could be eyeballing me to use me as "tee-ball" and practice his swing. Bubba Gumpers and I are all pooped out after a good day outside in the fresh air. I don't know about you, but I think Mr. Magoo needs a haircut.
Praise the Good Lord He Blessed us with my 3rd nephew, Aerik Lincoln Siefring. I call him Little Lincoln. He was born May 17th. The Good Lord manicured his nails so perfectly they were rounded and pointed just lovely, so he is Count Dracula or The Count as we like to call him. He is just a little guy and perfect in every way. Praise the Good Lord! I can't wait to rumble and tumble with him when he gets bigger as I do with Silver Bullet and Mr. Magoo.
Today I am so busy gardening, I have to rest; swimming, I have to rest; playing, I have to rest; making new friends (Mr. Turtle), I have to rest; talking to Lincoln, I have to rest; playing ball with Mr. Magoo, I have to rest. Don't you just love Mr. Magoo's plaid? He wears plaid all the time, and his outfits match. Posing with my family my sister Kristian, my brother in-law Ronan, my nephews Anton, Axton, Aerik, I have to rest. Time for BBQ, I don't have to rest.
Pool party splish-splash I am not taking a bath I am in the pool for a much needed dip. I have to share my pool with these little creatures Silver Bullet, Mr. Magoo, and Little Lincoln, but I don't care we have a lot of fun, and I always shake and get them wet. Sometimes too wet, ha. ha. Looks like my dad, Anton, and Axton are blowing bubbles. I love my swims at the lakes. I make lots of friends, I am trying to convince my new friend to give me a ride in his kayak. I love going for rides.
Looky who stopped by to see me. My beautiful cousins from Hutchinson, Kansas. My mom was born in Hutchinson, Kansas in 1987. Ha. Yvonne, Sommerlyn, Sidney, and Sabrina (Beautiful Girls). My house was filled with laughter day and night. Girls , Girls, Girls, means giggles ,giggles, giggles. Needless to say, I was lavished with attention, poor little me, I couldn't get enough. My days were filled with coming and going. Busy Busy. We swam the rivers, went to Lake Gifford and Picnicked one of my favorite things to do. I get to snack all day, swim all day, and nap all day, not necessarily in that order. I miss them already, but I did get to catch up on much needed sleep, about a week I think.
Last BBQ of the season, Labor Day. My mom and dad, Ronan, Kristian, Anton, Axton, Aerik, Madyson and of course me. I never miss BBQ. Where's Costello (Waldo) I am hiding under the table for the next tasty treat to accidentally fall in my mouth. Who's not sharing their watermelon with me. Water sports I can live in the water. Maybe that guy over there will pick me up. I think someone is bringing me food while Madyson isn't even paying attention. Oh well her loss I always gain, somtimes even a few pounds. The Counts first swim with mom, while Ronan Silver Bullet, and Magoo look like old pros. Gotta go I smell my cheeseburger is about ready. Yum!
PICNIC at the Washington D.C. Mall. My favorite check out the bag CHURCH'S CHICKEN my tongue is salivating the best chicken in the world. I can eat CHURCH'S CHICKEN any day of the week. It is the best I tell you. Silver Bullet and Magoo don't know what their missing, this isn't time for playing this is time to eat, and eat, and eat, and eat some more. You don't have room for dessert when there is CHURCH'S CHICKEN. Do we have to sight see, I can sit here all day. Moving on. The Washington Monument has been closed for a very long time ever since the earthquake of 2011. How long ago was that? Your tax dollars at work. Jefferson Memorial quite a tall statue. I like the Jefferson Memorial because it is close to the Potomac River. You can walk right up to the water line be careful not to fall in. How many dead bodies do you think are in there? I heard quite a bit. Laying on the grass with two of my favorite buddies, Silver Bullet and Bubba Gumpers. The Capitol adds a nice scenic view. The Capitol houses the House of Representatives and The Senate. Where laws were never formulated or upheld, congress never in session, work never done, and continuing resolutions. No Budget! I know what a budget is my parents budget my cheeseburgers, maybe I'll get one on any given day or two. See I know what a budget is. How come they don't isn't that their job to know? Like the song "I'm just a bill sitting on Capitol Hill waiting to become a law" If you look behind me you can see several bills sitting on the steps. You think I am joking believe me they are there.
The World War II Memorial is a Beautiful sight to see. Long overdue. This Memorial should have been built thirty years ago. World War II veterans have come from all over the world to pay homage. Bless their Hearts. My mom and dad lived in NM for 20 years and my dad is from Minnesota. The Lincoln Memorial is my favorite Memorial (The Best) and Abraham Lincoln is my favorite President. Honest Abe! President Warren Harding gave the dedication for the Lincoln Memorial in 1922. He was the only President to have a bulldog in the White House. That's Me! There are 87 steps from the Reflecting pool to Lincoln's statue (87 is four score and 7). Kristian, Ronan, Anton, Axton, Aerik, Madyson, and me found a great spot to sit. What a perfect picture for the two Lincoln's they are both Republicans and proud of it. If you ever get a chance to see this Memorial I highly recommend it.
The Vietnam War Memorial has two statues the soldiers and the nurses where I am sitting (my Aunt Jodi, cousins Natalie and Linda are nurses). They are adjacent to the famous Memorial Wall, listing the names of the fallen soldiers. Daniel Fernandez is a Medal Honor recipient and listed on The Wall. Kristian attended Daniel Fernandez Intermediate school in Los Lunas, NM where Daniel was from. I Salute my Grandfather he served in the Vietnam War and all my family members, my Dad, Uncle Perry, Kristian and Ronan. I Salute all Military Members!!! THANK YOU for YOUR service. The Korean Memorial is my mom's favorite Memorial. There are nineteen statues in formation representing a platoon on patrol. Their faces are so realistic, you can actually see the anxiety of war. Silver Bullet and I are laying in front of the Memorial. I was shaking in my paws looking at this scene, just trying to comprehend the act and valor of war. My Heart is Truly Humbled! Magoo and I are standing in front of the Iwo Jima Memorial. This Memorial depicts the famous photo at Iwo Jima in dedication to all US Marine Corps personnel who died in defense of the United States since 1775. I am their mascot (Bulldog). That's Me!
Georgetown a quaint little college town. RIIIGHT! more like Spooky town. My brother in-law Ronan attended George Washington University, so he is very familiar with the area. The steps were filmed for the movie The Exorcist. The last scene is where The priest Father Karras (actor Jason Miller) plummets the seventy-five steps to his death. There is a plaque on the wall next to the stairs commemorated on October 30th 2015. Can you say ghost? There is something seriously wrong with these pictures. Check out all the orbs Creepy. Look at the faces on Magoo, the Count and even Bubba Gumpers they are definitely scared. Who's missing in these pictures? I think the apparitions carried him off Boo! I don't know what you think, but I think Magoo needs a haircut. Haunted stairs how frightful. I make friends wherever I go even if their alive or not so much. Here I am at the top of the stairs long way down to the bottom, help me mommy I am shaking, I might faint. I am outta here!!!
Road Trip! I Love road trips so many people to see and places to go. First stop Lexington, Virginia home of Thomas Jonathan "Stonewall" Jackson. He was a Confederate general during the American Civil War. Military historians consider Jackson to be one of the most gifted tactical commanders in U.S. history. I am at the Stonewall Jackson Memorial Cemetery. The Virginia Military Institute, Washington and Lee Universities are also located in Lexington. Down the road from Stonewall Jackson is the Natural Bridge. This geological formation was formed by Cedar Creek. (a small tributary of the James River) The Creek carved out a gorge in the mountainous limestone terrain. Getting to the bridge was a feat in itself. I must of climbed a hundred yards worth of steps. Boy! was I tuckered out! Time to go sleepy.
The Grand Ole Opry and Opryland Hotel in Nashville, Tennessee was founded in 1925 and still broadcast today. Membership in the Grand Opry remains one of country music's crowning achievements. There are only about 187 members, not all singers get in. Elvis Presley performed here once and Loretta Lynn has been with The Opry for fifty years. The Grand Ole Opry launched Loretta's singing career. I could hear Dolly Parton singing her heart out in the background. See all the girls looking at me? They would rather hear me sing. They called me over a few times and you know me I go to anybody they, were so distracting. I did not hear any Led Zeppelin, Ted Nugent, or Van Halen. Do you believe? I am not a country music fan, but I do like Rock and Roll. Time to leave. The Opryland Hotel is very nice. My parents and my sisters Kristian and Kashmir stayed here Christmas Eve and Christmas day in 1999. The Hotel was luxurious and the rooms were very nice I was told. The flood of 2010 destroyed the Opryland Hotel and everything had to be rebuilt (which took six months), so I was able to see everything brand new. The Hotel is still luxurious and all the rooms have balconies, lots to do here especially if you like to eat (Restaurants Galore) that's me.
"Davy" Crockett also lived in Tennessee. His statue is located in Lawrenceburg, TN, even though he was killed at the Alamo. Crockett was a Tennessee politician before he went to Texas. He was also a frontiersman loved the woods just like me. I stopped in Adamsville, TN to see Sheriff Buford Pusser's house. He was the Sheriff in McNairy county. He was the guy who took on the vices (moonshining, prostitution, gambling) in his jurisdiction, he always carried a Big Stick. (I always carry a Big Stink) The movie Walking Tall is based (true story) on his life and service. He was assassinated in 1974. The move is a family favorite I watch it all the time. He was a true local hero.
I stopped at the at the Lorraine Motel in Memphis, Tennessee. This is the site where Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated. My mom and dad and sisters were here in 1999 and the two cars in the parking lot behind me are the exact same ones. They look good, and are still in pretty good shape. The motel is the home of the National Civil Rights Museum; the exhibits display the history of the Civil Rights Movement in the United States from the 17th century to the present. Memphis (downtown) is always hopping there is lots of activity, many restaurants and entertainment. You kinda don't want to be here at night, but my dad said it was safe because the police were visible and constantly combing the area. I was a little scared, but my mom and dad were with me, so I was OK. Downtown Memphis is a beautiful city to see at night.
Little Rock Arkansas Home of the Clinton's. You can definitely smell the corruption here. General MacArthur was born in Little Rock Arkansas. General Douglas MacArthur was awarded the Medal of Honor, and his father Arthur MacArthur was also awarded the Medal of Honor making them the first father and son to be awarded the Medal of Honor. The MacArthur Museum of Arkansas Military History insures that "old soldiers never die." The Arkansas State Capital has many steps, and I climbed each one to the top. A study group was working under a tree nearby and didn't even notice me. How sad I always get noticed, they must have been studying hard. Good for them. There were also a few joggers running the stairs. I barely walked all those steps much less running them. They must be in great shape. The Capital is a nice looking building and it took 16 years (1899 to 1915) to complete the construction. I did not see Bill Clinton that morning he was probably with one of his lady friends not Hillary, he is a ladies man so I've heard. I can show him a thing or two about the ladies.
Texas! The Lone Star State. Home of J.R. Ewing (Larry Hagman). He lived in Dallas on a big ranch called Southfork with all the other Ewing clan. For all those who don't remember, Dallas was a Big TV drama that aired back in the late 70's and 80's. Pretty much everyone in the county was glued to their TV to watch what J.R. was doing. He was an oil tycoon, crook, cheat, liar, and swindler, but everybody love to hate him. People all over the country wanted him to even run for President. He was so popular. As a matter of fact everyone on the show wanted to kill him, he had wronged them in someway or another, and sure enough one day someone shot J.R.. It was the shot heard around the world. There were even bets and pools on which one of the cast members actually pulled the trigger. Everyone sat on the edge of their seats for weeks waiting for the shooter to be revealed. Kristin Shepard, (Mary Crosby) turned out to be the shooter. So whoever bet on her won some big bucks. As a matter of fact my mom named my sister Kristian (spelled differently) after her. I have heard this show was Huge! Way before my time. Here I am posing with J.R. and Patrick Ewing. They don't even hold a candle to my good looks. You can see the ranch right behind me and my parents said it was a rip off the house and grounds are very small compared to what they showed on TV and I didn't even see one horse. TV what an illusion. My Grandparents also visited Southfork in the 80's and they said the same thing. Too small and a total sham, and that's the time the show was at its peak. So 30 years later and nothing has changed. So besides the lovely pictures of me I would not recommend seeing this place just drive on by. I do highly recommend watching the TV show Dallas, my mom and dad do watch reruns once in a while, and they are correct I do sit on the edge of my seat just to see what J.R. is doing.
The School Book depository is located downtown Dallas. This is the tragic sight where Lee Harvey Oswald shot and killed the President John Fitzgerald Kennedy. John F. Kennedy was assassinated on November 22, 1963. Lee shot from the 6th floor window (brown building) as the President's motorcade was driving past. The blue X in the middle of the road marks the spot. The Secret Service and law enforcement immediately converged on the grassy knoll, because they all thought the shots came from there. Lee Harvey Oswald was shot and killed while in custody two days later by Jack Ruby. I was told (my Grandparents) John F. Kennedy was a good President even though he was a Democrat. I came to pay my respects. The grassy knoll and surrounding area is actually pretty small.
Dinosaur World west of Fort Worth Texas. This is big sky country. Aren't my prehistoric friends the coolest? They are so tall I had to be very careful taking pictures with them or I would be stomped. Luckily for me they are vegetarians, or I might have been lunch. They do look ominous, but they are very friendly. If your ever in the area come say hello they would love to see you, and they are a lot of fun.
Aliens! Are we alone or not? You either believe or you don't. My Grandfather believes and knows they are out there, and he watches Ancient Aliens daily, so he is the expert on the subject. I believe whatever my Grandfather tells me. One of the photos is for my Grandfather I am sitting in front of the Petroglyphs. He likes to see these pictures on Ancient Aliens. The Aliens do look a little weird, but their spaceships look awesome. Maybe someday if I ever get to meet them they might give me a ride. Only if my parents come with me, I don't like to be too far from my mom and dad. I like to keep them in my sight always. Roswell, NM home of the Alien invasion. In 1947 an extraterrestrial spacecraft and its Alien occupants crashed in the general vicinity. The Air Force were called to investigate the scene, and immediately the Aliens and spacecraft were swiftly taken to Area 51 in Nevada. People who actually saw the crash and the Aliens were told to keep quiet or else. The Air Force promptly stated this was a weather balloon and no need for concern. Yeah Right! We know what really happened. We know those bodies are housed in Area 51 and are still being examined today. According to Weekly World newspaper Rush Limbaugh along with President Bush have met them. I would have liked to meet the Aliens, but they have them under lock and key. They wouldn't let me in even with my charming personality. Fun Fact for all you country music fans John Denver was born in Roswell and Demi Moore (actress) is from Roswell. I was here for hours a little too long if I say so myself. There was so much information to read and very interesting, but I couldn't believe how this little museum (very small) had newspaper clippings everywhere. Every wall was covered. I was surprised the ceilings weren't splayed with articles as well. I did get nervous when the Alien statues were talking to me. I didn't like their strange voices, and I felt I would be abducted at any moment. Great place to visit, but you may not want to stay too long you might get abducted. I'm just saying.
Welcome to Lincoln County and the town of Carrizozo: Lincoln County, NM is where Billy the Kid lived during the "Lincoln County Wars." He was incarcerated at the Lincoln County court house for murder and sentenced to hang, and did escape with a bang. He shot and killed two sheriff's deputies. I am sitting right next to the bullet holes that Billy shot. The battle included the McSween Home and the Old Dolan Home. Behind the Tunstall Store are two unknown grave sites, no one knows for certain who is buried there. Billy the Kid was eventually shot and killed by Pat Garrett in Fort Sumner, NM. Fun Fact; Pat Garrett was married in Anton Chico, New Mexico. This was a question on the Christmas Trivia a few years back (remember, my nephew's name is Anton). I think a couple of you might have answered correctly. I didn't like the bullet holes, seems to me Billy the Kid was a bad hombre.
Quick stop top see my friend Smokey Bear, had to see the Vista Capitan Gap. What a beautiful mountain range, and Smokey is always on the look-out. His story begins in the spring of 1950, a badly burned black bear cub was rescued from a large forest fire at Capitan Gap in the Capitan Mountains. First called Hotfoot Teddy, he was later renamed Smokey and became the real-life version of the United States Forest Service mascot Smokey Bear. Smokey was later sent to the National Zoo in Washington D.C., where he lived for 26 years. Upon his death on November 9, 1976, Smokey's remains were returned by the government to Capitan and buried at what is now the Smokey Bear Historical Park. My parents and sisters Kristian and Kashmir stopped by in the 90's and brought a big lunch for Smokey, and spent the day with him. Yum! Too bad I missed out on lunch, but I wasn't even born yet. If you get a chance bring a big lunch for my friend Smokey. Fun Fact; Some people always call him Smokey the bear, but his correct name is Smokey Bear. My dad always corrects anyone who does not say his name correctly, he is a stickler when it comes to Smokey Bear.
Albuquerque! Albuquerque! My parents love Albuquerque not so much when they lived there, but they sure miss it NOW (the desert is not browner or better on the other side)! That's all they talk about Albuquerque! The endless stories I tell you. I just had to see this place. They said the city has grown quite a bit since they left. The town and surrounding suburbs from Rio Rancho to Los Lunas are packed with businesses and restaurant aplenty. Albuquerque itself is beautiful, but very busy. I guess this is what they mean when they say the hustle and bustle of the city. I like it, but a little to noisy for me. Kirtland Air Force Base. This was my dad's first station and only station. He enlisted in the Air Force when he graduated high school. This was his first career, he was in the Air Force for 4 years. My Grandfather and my Uncle Perry were also stationed at Kirtland. My whole family was in the Air Force. I'm so proud of each and every one of them. Aim High! Go Blue! My dad worked for my Uncle Perry when they were here. As a matter of fact, my Uncle Perry introduced my dad to my mom to my Uncle Perry's dismay and objections. He thought my dad was the greatest, I do too (my dad loves the outdoors, likes to run, and is a huge sports fan, which I know for sure my mom hates all of those things; If you want to know the whole story Uncle Perry's objections in specified details, you will have to ask my mom she will tell you everything, you know my mom). I know my Aunt Blanca intervened and the rendezvous commenced. They met and it was dislike at first sight. My dad was very shy back then (if you could believe) and he wouldn't even show his face to my mom kept his face to the ground kicking the dirt, so my mom took one look at him and said what's so great about him? no big deal to me. you know my mom. Needless to say, they began dating shortly after that (Go Figure). They fell in love supposedly, that was good for me. My mom lived at the Lincoln Village Apartments in Albuquerque. The window and the door were her exact apartment. She was so excited to see this place, and she described (from memory) all the wonderful amenities this place had. She stated they have swimming pools in and out, waterfall statues, walking bridges, tennis courts, snack area (my ears perked up on that one), and two game rooms. I saw none of those things!! Apparently, this place was a big deal in the 80's, but now these would be considered (as Mr. Hubbell would say low rent district). It wasn't a very nice place to visit, so you wouldn't want to live here either.
APD Albuquerque Police Department. My dad's second career (Police Officer) began in 1982 and retired in 2001. I am at the Main Police Station APD located downtown (do you smell pork? I sure do, Is it time for lunchos?). Albuquerque PD and the Bernalillo County Sheriff's Department share the same building. My dad spent the majority of his career in this building assigned to the Criminal Investigation Bureau (detective, sergeant, lieutenant, commander). My guess was lots of desk jobs. Boring! If I was a cop I would want to see some action, pull out my Smith and Wesson 357 a few times. My dad did say he saw plenty of action. He still says today, "best job in the world." Funny my sister Kristian told me she liked to come to my dad's office all the time, her and Kashmir both instead of going to my mom's classroom. I think I would like to spend time in her classroom with all the little kids, I love kids, but I do like action especially cop action. My mom also worked for APD (Uniformed Crime Reporting Unit) in this building, her office was straight back from the front doors, my dad's office was on the second floor. My mom would read all the crime reports and code them for the FBI. She told me once there were some sick puppies in this town, and she couldn't believe how much crime there was in Albuquerque (my mom could tell you stories, you know my mom). APD has been very very good to me.
My parents were married in 1983 (Go Figure) and this was their first apartment Marquette Ave. The building was white at the time. Two bedroom nice sized living room, good size kitchen, no amenities whatsoever, landlord on site (who also moonlighted as an amateur photographer, and I really mean amateur she photographed my parents wedding, I saw the pictures). There was a little room off of the front door where the washer/dryer set-up was and my dad put a little TV in there so my mom would not miss her soap operas. How sweet. They lived there for six months. My dad's friends would tell him " hey man your living in the war zone ", but what did my dad know he was just a rookie. The neighborhood was OK at the time, and they never had any problems there. Neighborhood looks worn down, and you can see the homeless with their shopping carts everywhere you looked. Would not want to live here during the day much less when the sun goes down. Second apartment Dunes SE location (my dad worked the SE, he loved it). My mom picked this one. She said this was a very cute apt, 2 bedroom very cozy with a fireplace. Funny this place was brown when they lived here, and now it's white. My mom and dad Kristian, and some dog named Clint Eastwood (miniature schnauzer not even the right breed come on, what's that about? luckily for my family I am not a jealous dog. I love all God's creatures). The couch was right below the front window on the left side (which you can see in the photo) and Kristian would sit there all day looking out the window waving and saying hi to everyone she saw. As a matter of fact my Great Uncle Salvy, my Great Aunt Henri, cousins J.R., Janet, Mike, Fenchie (dog, poodle) along with my grandparents came here to visit my family. They all had a great time together, and my dad taught my cousins how to ski (powder, packed powder). My cousins named Clint Eastwood Ewok from Star Wars they said he looked like Ewok. The neighborhood was pretty good at the time, but watch your back now. My parents had to drag me out of the truck. I did not want to come out and I tried to hide under the seat, but no go they pulled me out. You could hear shots fired, and the drug dealers were coming out to play. You think I'm joking ask my dad. I do not look happy, and I couldn't wait for this photo shoot to be over. I literally had to check my chonie's twice before I got back in the truck. My parents lived here for six months. I don't know how they could stand it, but I guess times were different. Do not even come close to this area be afraid be very afraid.
This was my grandparents' house Dumas located in the NE Heights. The house was brown when my grandparents purchased it, and they had it painted white. Now it is back to brown funny. Very nice house and roomy four bedroom three and a half bath with a pool very nice. My Great Uncle Salvy and My Great Aunt Henri came to visit my grandparents here also. My parents, Kristian and Kashmir (Kash was born when they were living here) lived here for three years. Kristian started Kindergarten here and her Kindergarten teacher looked like just like my grandmother I was told. Must have been a beautiful petite woman because that's my grandmother. I heard they did lose a pet here when Kristian decided to put their hamster Chuck, Charlie (which was just purchased for my dad's birthday that day) into his rolling ball and open the sliding glass doors leading to the pool. He didn't have a chance probably only took a few moments. I cried when I heard this story poor Charlie! Kristian says she didn't do it on purpose, but my parents tend to differ I hear. Pristine neighborhood, my parents said it looks the same (pristine) when they lived here. Very quiet and peaceful. I would love to live here. Highly recommended! Fun Fact; La Cueva High School is right down the road, Freddie Prince Jr (actor) graduated from La Cueva.
Rio Rancho, Roadrunner Lane! First House. My parents purchased this house in 1988 it took six months to build. Nice house three bedrooms two and a half baths. Ranch style home. Brand new development and the community was just beginning to grow. It was rumored that the houses were built upon old Indian burial grounds. My parents did mention they would see flashing lights in their bathroom mirror once in a while so maybe. That's not something I would want to see. But there was talk the grounds might be haunted. Kristian and Kashmir did get their first dog here, an English Bulldog named PD Blue cool name and I am happy they did get the right breed that time bulldog. That's me! He died a few months later. (maybe the Indian Burials) The breeder replaced him with Remington Blue Steel. I would of like to meet them, they did tell me they were both great little friends. So, my family has had bulldogs ever since. That's Me! Good for me. Kashmir graduated Kindergarten here, and both my sisters Kristian and Kashmir went to school at Enchanted Hills Elementary Kristan 1st through half of 4th and Kashmir half of 1st grade. At the time the neighborhood was brand new, so everything was clean and fresh. I asked my parents did you really live here? I just drove into a Mexican Fiesta, looked just like downtown Juarez, Mexico. I've seen numerous pictures of Juarez, because my mom's favorite place(she lived) is El Paso, Texas and she crossed the border plenty of times. I did think they tricked me when I was napping, because I really thought I was south of the border. Pink and purple doors everywhere, clay pots hung in every direction along with kitchen utensils, and spices. I was waiting for the Fiesta to begin at any moment. To find an auto mechanic you didn't have to drive far, every other house had several cars on cement blocks, and quite a few mechanics were already out working on the cars lined up, changing oil, tires, spark plugs and I even saw a pulled engine. I don't know where they got their landscaping skills, but several different species of trees were mixed in together and placed any ole where. Looked a little chaotic to me and I am the expert on trees. I think we could use my Uncle Perry in this neighborhood, his famous saying " Are you legal? Can I see your papers? Are you supposed to be here? When I looked around his thought came to mind. My parents decided to drive to the other developments (just down the road) and they were the same, there might have been a couple of doors painted turquoise, and a few more mechanics other than that the same. My parents said the neighborhood looked dumpy nothing compared to when they lived here. They purchased this house for 67,000 and now they are selling for 150,000 to 170,000. Do you believe? My family lived here for three years. I thought it was an OK place to visit, but you wouldn't want to live here.
Los Lunas, San Fernando Ave. Second House 1991 - 2001. Can you say Haunted House? This is the Haunted House of all haunted houses. The construction on this house was completed in October, and my parents purchased this house in December so everything was brand new. My parents, Kristian, Kashmir and Remington moved in on Dec. 2nd 1991 (the U-Haul did get stuck the first night we were there unpacking, that should have been the first sign). Their friends Ed and Chyioco built the home, and then they built another house down the street where they lived. My family said the house was lovely five bedrooms three baths/shower, it sat on two acres covered with trees (I am the expert on trees) completely fenced in with workshop. The house sat back from the road which enhanced the quiet and peaceful setting. There were only about five houses on the road at the time. They knew all the neighbors (very nice and friendly). John and Claudette lived in the white house right next to them on the left, they did spend a lot of time together. I did hear from Kristian that Claudette was quite the busy body, she knew everyone's business and what they were doing daily (sometimes she would be in our yard in her pajamas in the middle of the night they didn't know what to think). She did tote a pair of binoculars around her neck constantly (they thought, to spy in all the homes). My Grandfather called her Commando Binoculars. I was informed, sometimes my mom and dad would whisper things to each other (surprises for my sisters or for Remington) (I like surprises! That's Me!) and the next day she would ask my parents or my sisters about it. Is that totally freaky or what? They all thought she had the housed bugged other than that they said her and John were very nice and they loved Remington.
I have heard about the haunting all my life my mom tells me a bedtime story every night and this is one of her favorites (not mine not at all) sometimes I get so scared I can't sleep a wink. When have you ever heard of a bulldog (That's Me) not sleeping it's almost impossible. If you heard these stories I guarantee you wouldn't sleep either. Where do I begin. The activity began right away (two weeks in the house) my parents were woken abruptly from their sleep (around 3:am); part of the deck was right next to their bedroom window something crashed and hit the deck so hard the house shook, a maniacal scream (what movie?) followed which sounded like a banshee. They both looked at each other and said " what the hell was that " they got out of bed and looked out the window nothing they thought for sure the deck had been broken. They said whatever landed had to be huge almost like a Bigfoot or Sasquatch to make that type of sound when it hit. My dad did check all around the house and nothing. The girls were asked if they had heard anything they both said no, and Remington didn't even wake from his sleep. That was the beginning the haunting lasted for ten years the entire time they lived there. Let me tell you about Remington my dad told me he would always sit at the bottom of the stairs and look up like someone or something was talking to him. There were times they would come home and he would be somewhere upstairs and he would stay up there for hours even though they were home. He never came down when he heard the family downstairs; strange behavior I thought and you know bulldogs (That's Me), they don't like to be too far from their families they like to be close and keep them in their sight at all times (I do). Funny, I always greet my parents at the door. Sometimes he didn't even greet them at the door strange. Remington was about five years old when he went missing apparently, my sister Kashmir let him out and he was never seen alive again. My mom left the gate open for a week (put adds in the newspaper did get a few calls but no luck, someone told them he might have been stolen because their bulldog That's Me! had been stolen and the sheriff was investigating) and no show. She decided to close the gate and the next morning their neighbor to the right Ezekiel came and told my dad Remington was in his yard and dead. My mom always regretted closing the gate. Remington might have made it to their front door. They took him to the vet and he performed a necropsy he said his belly was full (someone was feeding him) and his internal organs were severely damaged probably hit by a car. My family thinks he was murdered. Poor little guy. I will hear them say once in a while I wonder what happen to Remington? Still remains a mystery today.
My mom described a spot in the downstairs hallway (small hallway) bathroom coat closet and then bedroom if you were in the bathroom you were OK if you were in the bedroom you were OK, but you never wanted to stand in front of that closet door you would feel you weren't alone something was there. Needless to say, all of them would take a flying leap past the little area and into the bedroom. My sister Kristian had the back bedroom and she told me someone was always moving objects in her dollhouse and changing the time on her clock in the middle of the night. She was always awakened by movement in her room. Everyone told me you never ever want to be in Kristian's room alone day or night Ever! My mom said sometimes when she was in the house alone she could hear Kristian's dolls or music boxes going off and no one would be in her room. My Grandparents visited them several times and they told me they would always hear walking upstairs and loud bangs. They thought one of my sisters stayed home from school, so they would go check and nothing. My mom asked them does it sound like the book shelves are being thrown down with a loud bang, they said yes, my mom said we here that same noise and footsteps all the time. My Grandfather thought it might be squirrels in the attic, but my parents already checked. I don't ever remember squirrels being that loud. A friend told my dad he was sitting on the couch (front door was right next to the couch) by himself he heard someone open the door walk upstairs come back down open the front door again and walk outside and no one was there. Spooky! I could go on with these stories for hours, but I am scaring myself by just telling them, so I will give you the run down footsteps, loud bangs, banging on the walls, banging on the roof, screeches and screams outside, unseen entities heard walking on the gravel in the driveway, hair and face touching especially when napping, objects moving and missing, vacuum on and off by itself, hung towels moving on their own, and the constant noises and sounds heard throughout the house.
When my dad and Kashmir went out east my mom and Kristian stayed. Kristian just enlisted in the Air Force and they had to stay to finish up paperwork etc. Kristian told me when we started to pack the house up all hell broke loose. The noises and sounds tripled exponentially. When we would sleep upstairs the footsteps on the stairs were so loud we couldn't get any sleep, eventually we had to sleep downstairs and take shifts. (someone had to stay awake at all times) My mom told me Kristian kept telling her she was tired, so my mom would do double shifts sometimes triple no sleep at all. My mom said sometimes Kristian wasn't any help at all, but they were both scared out of their wits. Apparently, the house was always haunted, but something had changed it seemed the more they packed up the ghosts got louder and more aggressive. My Uncle Perry told my mom maybe they (ghosts) didn't want you to move so they were voicing their opinions very loudly. That's a theory. Boo knows. Kristian told me she had never seen my mom get that scared in her life, she was literally freaked out, and if you know my mom she doesn't freak out, so they hurried and finished packing and went home to my Grandparents in Vegas until my dad came back to get them. My mom told me she was so happy to be home she slept like a baby that night and every night after that. A few weeks later my dad came to pick them up so they all met back at the house. Everything was fine not a peep from the house real quiet I heard. Funny as they were leaving their friend Chyioco (built the house) came over to say goodbye. She asked if our visitors were still here. They thought she was talking about My Uncle Perry and Aunt Blanca because she had previously seen Uncle Perry and my dad run/jog past her house. When my parents questioned, "do you mean our family," Chyioco said, "no the ghosts (is what she meant by visitors);" ha, they all had a good laugh. My mom and dad remembered she did mention (years ago) she thought the place was haunted, but my parents didn't think much of it at the time. Guess they should of payed more attention.
It did take a long time to get these photos of me in front of the house every time I would pose these flies would swarm all around me they were all over my face, and biting my nose. Just ask my parents. I kept telling my parents I knew they were coming from inside the house. A lot of friends and family visited this house throughout the years to include, Great-Grandma Frieda, Great-Uncle Tony and Great-Aunt Helen, Great-Uncle Junior, Great-Aunt Mary Alice, cousins Jimmie, Frankie, JR and Janet and Ben, Stephen, and Katie; not one peep, (from any of them) apparently, no one heard or saw anything. The ghosts must have laid dormant during these visits. Hard to believe, isn't it? Since my family had so many creepy experiences in this house. Praise the Good Lord, they all escaped with their lives. The neighborhood is very nice, quiet, and peaceful. The new (big, very pretty) homes across the street enhance the surrounding properties. The view was picturesque, you can see the Rio Grande Valley all the way to Albuquerque. I definitely recommend living here, I wish I could live here, so I could run, jump, and be merry. My parents told me they sorrowfully regret selling this place (looks like the owners are adding some nice home improvements), but they did say if they kept it they would have had to call a priest.
Los Lunas is growing just as rapidly as Albuquerque. I couldn't tell one town from the next. Both my sisters went to Ann Parish Elementary, Kristian 4th grade and Kashmir 1st. My mom also began her teaching career at Ann Parish, she substituted all the time before she began her studies in Montessori education. The school was brand new when the girls attended, Kashmir stayed another three years and Kristian moved on to Daniel Fernandez Intermediate. Daniel Fernandez is a Medal of Honor recipient and he is listed on the Vietnam Memorial Wall. Kristian told me everyone loved my dad, a lot of her friends to include her teachers. When people would ask her is that your dad, she would always say no (but they knew he was) especially when he would run wearing shorts over sweat pants, white headbands, and outdated earphones what a sight that must have been (fat little dough boy). I thought I was the only fat little dough boy and nobody cares what I'm wearing. The schools still look inviting to attend with that home town feel.
Los Lunas High School is home of the Tigers. Kristian and Kashmir attended school here. Kristian four years and Kashmir two. The front of the school has been reconstructed with a new entry enclosure. This area was an open-air environment when my sisters were there. Looks like they expanded a little too. Kristian told me she was in several bands (marching, jazz, concert etc.). She played several instruments, including my Uncle Perry's Saxophone (which he played in HS). The band program was very successful; they received numerous awards and took state most of the time. Her band instructor, Mr. Estrada was very good, but very strict. Kristian said when they were out on the field if you had to get drink of water of get a band-aid (which took seconds) he would say, "You're going to miss out on a lot of events." I myself have heard my parents say that phrase. They said at the time, Mr. Estrada was just ridiculous. So they always say that phrase to Kristian and the rest of the family as a joke. I saw Kristian play her instruments when my mom was organizing home movies. She played so many different ones I couldn't keep up. I love to watch marching bands I didn't know how she did it walking in step and playing for the crowd. She was perfect in every way, and they did play some cool Rock and Roll songs. Did I mention I do like Rock and Roll. Kashmir was also in the marching band her freshman year, she played the flute, she didn't like it much so she never continued. When I was at the school several people asked if I was there to rile up the Tigers, because the Tigers and Bulldogs "That's Me!" were playing on Saturday. I said "no," but I can if you want me to. Bulldogs (That's Me!) vs Tigers: Bulldogs would just grab there snout not let go and bring them down to the ground, so the Bulldogs "That's Me!" would always win. Kristian was a "Millennium" graduate from Los Lunas High School, class of 2000. My parents, Kashmir, Grandparents, Great Grandma, Uncle Perry, Aunt Blanca, Great Uncle Tony, Great Aunt Helen, Great Uncle Jr., cousins J.R., Janet, Ben, and Katie were in attendance. Kristian received a full scholarship from Highlands University in Las Vegas, NM. She attended one year and wanted to join the Air Force. My parents did beg her to stay, but she really wanted to enlist right away. I made lots of friends at the school during my stop and I had some wonderful pats and hugs, and even had to pose for their cameras. I like it here (beautiful mountain background), I can come here and visit anytime.
Restaurants, between Rio Rancho, Albuquerque, and Los Lunas you can eat at a different restaurant every night. I tasted so many different delectable' s I thought I was in Doggy Heaven. Church's Chicken Beast chicken in the world, you can literally stuff yourself with this chicken it is so good. You just can't get enough. Mac's steak in the Rough is my mom's favorite, I don't know what kind of meat this is but it is to die for. This meat is smothered in some kind of delicate delicious batter it just melted in my mouth, and the taquitos are great too. When you eat here you always have to order both that's what my says and does. Blakes Lotta Burger a local favorite great burger joint they fix your burger anyway you want they even put green chili right on the burger. Do you believe? They also serve up cherry and vanilla cokes, which taste so good. I love cheeseburgers they are my favorite just like my mom. I learned it doesn't matter what restaurant you go to in the whole state of NM they always ask red or green (chili) that is. Great State NM, If I lived here I would never leave. What were my parents thinking?
Gallup, New Mexico, wanted to play with my little friend Conoco. I told him I never had my name written or displayed on a big sign before, and with lights. He told me his name has been in lights ever since the day he was born, and not just around here either. I said lucky dinosaur. He wasn't as big as my friends at Dinosaur World but I still had to be careful where he stepped. Flagstaff , Arizona Home of the Arizona Snowbowl ski resort (powdered packed powdered). My parents love to ski especially at night, I hope they take me soon. I found a nice place for luncho's Humphreys Peak. Can you guess what I am eating for lunch, starts with a c and ends with an r.
Hoover Dam. Do you like the view? This place is worth the trip. The Dam itself is huge you can take pictures from every angle, and not see the same view. My mom and dad took me to several spots within the Dam so I could see the entire Dam. Besides a couple of cars driving through we had the whole place to ourselves. My dad is holding me in one of the photos right behind me is a drop of 700 feet quite a drop. Do you think? I could stay here for hours just walking around, absolutely gorgeous. Fun Facts: It took six years after the construction of the dam to fill Lake Mead. There are two lanes for automobile traffic across the top of the dam and half way across you go from Nevada into Arizona. In the wake of the 9-11 terrorist attacks, authorities expressed security concerns and the Hoover Dam Bypass project was expedited. After 9-11 there were restrictions put in place for traffic crossing over Hoover Dam. The four-lane Hoover Dam Bypass opened in October of 2010. Now, traffic is no longer allowed across Hoover Dam, except visitors are allowed to use the existing roadway to approach from the Nevada side and crossover to parking lots and other facilities on the Arizona side. But, no thoroughfare over the dam. I would recommend coming here, but only at night the light show (lights around the Dam) is spectacular!
Las Vegas, Nevada. " What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas " Las Vegas Baby! My dad loves this place my parents come here all the time to visit my Grandparents they live here. (Lucky Grandparents) This was my first time in Vegas. I got so excited I couldn't wait to see this place. I wanted to see what all the Hoopla was about. I came here to surprise my Grandfather on his 80th Birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! GRANDPA!!! I rang the doorbell and when he opened the door he almost hit me on the head with the door security bar he was holding in his hand. He did not recognize me. Do you believe? How many Grandsons does he have that look like me? My parents were right around the corner and saved me just in time. Praise the Good Lord for bringing us all together for this Joyous Celebration! My Grandfather was very surprised so Hooray! I am always the center of attention so, my family gathers around me. My Grandparents (Al and Carmen) and me, my Mom and Dad ( Judd and Michelle) and me, My Uncle Perry and Aunt Blanca and me, my sister Kristian and brother in-law Ronan and me, my nephews Anton, Axton, Aerik and me, my Great Aunt Helen and me. Get the Picture? We celebrated at a local Mexican restaurant that night (Mexican food, family favorite) gambled a little, sorry to say didn't win much came home to light the candles on the Birthday Cake! and eat my favorite. My dad made the cake, (orange delight) and Ronan made the butter frosting (family recipe) under my mom's instructions. It wasn't going so well for Ronan the frosting kept melting and my mom kept telling him to just add sugar. Oh, I forgot to tell you my Grandparents keep their home toasty the thermostat is always set at 80 degrees or above even when it's 80 degrees outside. A little too warm for my blood, but I didn't care someone was cooking. So that's why the frosting kept melting. Ronan the excellent chef he is made it work. He definitely knows his way around the kitchen he is the master. I would know I follow him everywhere when he is cooking, sometimes he drops a morsel here and there I know it's by accident, (sure) but I do get a taste. I had been waiting all day for my birthday song. Oh, I forgot to tell you when I hear the birthday song sung for some reason I always think it is my birthday. I forget my birthday only comes once a year. Poor little me. Time for cake yum, yum the frosting turned out to be a sugar block a little too sweet for my taste, but I didn't care its dessert. Apparently, no one else did either because the cake didn't last too long. Desserts usually don't last very long when my Uncle Perry is around either. Presents I love presents I get several on my birthday. I know my present is the best. I gave my Grandfather a statue of me Bulldog That's Me! don't you agree? So now he won't have to go far to see and be with me. Hey I just heard a morsel drop probably my Grandmother she is always dropping morsels, sometimes right into my mouth, do you think that's by accident? Or, it could be Kristian she is always dropping morsels usually where I am sitting. What do you think? Like my cousin, Noah would say "Something's Fishy in Walkersville" I think I heard that correctly. I slept like a baby that night!
Las Vegas Blvd. The Strip! Everybody loves the strip. When people vacation in Vegas they come to the strip. Caesars is my mom's favorite and my dad's is The Monte Carlo. They love to go to Excalibur for the Tournament of Kings dinner show. You actually participate in the show while you are eating. I definitely need to check that one out. Dinner I know that word well. My Grandparents like the Bellagio they go there to take pictures of the atrium they change the theme every month. I have seen most of the pictures they send them to me all the time. The Christmas display is my favorite. My sister loves New York, New York, and her and Ronan both like the Venetian. They were engaged there. I did like the lights and action, but it took hours because everybody wanted a picture of me besides my family. I was the center of attention like always, but the hugs and kisses wore me out just a little. I did get some great photo shots. The Bellagio has a water show every thirty minutes I was a little scared, the water is loud but my family helped me get through it. You can see the water show behind me and my family Uncle Perry, Aunt Blanca, my dad, Silver Bullet, my Grandma, Grandpa, my sister Kristian Magoo, brother Ronan, and Lincoln. The show is pretty cool to watch. I like the strip a little too busy and noisy for me. I liked my Grandparents favorite casinos (off the strip) the Green Valley, the Fiesta, and the Southpoint better. Nice and quiet not to crowded. When my family comes to visit, those casinos are where they frequent. Las Vegas is Great everyone should come here at least once in their lifetime, like me.
The Fremont Experience is located downtown Vegas. I thought the strip was noisy and busy this is worse. There is only foot traffic and It looks like an outside mall. The length of the mall is about three blocks long casinos and restaurants line both sides of the pedestrian walkway. The canopy light show plays every hour on the hour music with pictures. Great displays. This place is always hopping, and the activities are endless. My dad's favorite casino is the Golden Nugget because you can get a parfait glass full of shrimp with cocktail sauce drizzled on the top for only $.99 my kind of place. They have a lot of costumed characters (Batman, Spiderman, Mickey Mouse etc.) you pay them money and you can take a picture with them. Funny everybody wanted to take pictures with me and I wasn't dressed in any costume. They would take a picture with me and plaster it on their Facebook accounts. I was getting so bombarded with people so, my dad said we should start charging to take a picture with me. I could have made some big bucks that night. Just look at the people looking at me. My Grandparents and parents told me this used to be a very nice place to see, (family place) but they said now it has become sleazy, too many drunks, unsavory characters, dirty, homeless, and foul mouthed. My dad says they need to crack down and bring it back to family fun. I did see some things and I wouldn't recommend it.
Las Vegas Welcome Sign located at the south end of the strip. This is a cool place to get a picture, but just make sure you lock your car doors. People come by and steal what's in your car why your distracted taking pictures. Your only about five feet from your car. Do you believe? I was shocked. What if my parents left me in the car to get a picture themselves? I don't even want to think about it.
My Dear friends the Hubbell's Dave, Nancy, Jeremiah, Josh. The Hubbell's come to Vegas all the time, as a matter of fact this is the only place they vacation they Love Vegas. My parents and the Hubbell's try to get together when they are in town at the same time. Dave told my dad years ago, to go to the Red Square restaurant at the Mandalay Bay Casino (strip) and go have a martini. So, my parents and Grandparents went and ate. The food was excellent I heard, and they would go back anytime. When they both got back home Dave asked him if we went to the Red Square and my dad said yes, the food was excellent. Dave said I didn't tell you to eat, I told you to go inside and check out the martini bar It is made out of ice. OOh, my dad said no we didn't do that. He told Dave we didn't even know they had a bar. They all got a laugh on that one. So, the next time they were in town together the Hubbell's took my parents, Grandparents, and my sister Kashmir to eat. On the way in and out we did see the bar and Dave was right as usual the martini bar was made out of ice. My mom told me it was the coolest thing. So, if your ever in Vegas check out the martini ice bar at the Mandalay Bay. The Hubbell's always stay at the Planet Hollywood Casino that's their favorite. I am posing at the Miracle Mile at Planet Hollywood, just for you Dave. Hats Off! To you Dave, Nancy, Jeremiah, and Josh. On one of their trips to Vegas they had this caricature done for me. That's Me! Costello Fellow! Doesn't it look just like me? I just Love the Hubbell's.
Mr. Magoo Mr. Magoo where are you? Actually, Axton has three nicknames When Axton was born my mom was present so, she saw every tiny detail start to finish. She told me when Axton was born he was a deep purple (head to toe) the deepest purple my mom had ever seen in her life so; his first nickname is Creepy Crayon. Since my sister, Kristian and my brother in-law Ronan named him Axton his second nickname is Lizzy Borden had an Axton. My sister (seconds after he was born) looked at his face and said he looks like Mr Magoo from the old TV show cartoon so, he will be always being Mr. Magoo! Mr. Magoo had T shirts made for all of us My Grandfather's and Dad's T shirts states "It's a magoo Thing you wouldn't understand" My Grandmothers T shirt states "What would Magoo Do" My mom's T shirt states "Keep Calm And Let Magoo Handle It". My Grandparents and mom and dad thought they were the coolest thing so, they all decided to wear them together to pay tribute to Mr. Magoo. I thought they all looked spiffy. So, Hats Off! HERE'S TO YOU MR. MAGOO!!! "Mr. Magoo Mr. Magoo where are You?"
I went to visit my Great Aunt Helen this is her home in Vegas. She lives here when she's not in Kansas. She does go back and forth when she wants. I know my Great Aunt Helen is not a fan of furry fellows, but she welcomed me with open arms. Just look at the pictures and her face. What do you think? Is she standing a little far from me? I couldn't really tell. Look at my Grandma and Great Aunt Helen just Lovely, aren't they Living Dolls? I thought so.
Some more Kool cousins Yvonne and Dave are from Kansas too, but they live in Vegas now. They have come to visit me a couple of times, and they always bring me lots of goodies. Dave loves his Harley Davidson his pride and joy. It is a good-looking bike. I tried to get him to give me a ride, but he had to get back to work maybe next time. I heard Vonnie doesn't like four legged best friends, but I know that doesn't include me because I am little Costello and I melt everybody's heart. I did not get to see my cousins Adam and Josh, but I heard they are a couple of wild and crazy guys. I know Josh is an excellent artist. I have seen his work, maybe someday he can paint my portrait. I heard you are still a little sick Adam. Get well soon! Praise the Good Lord! St Thomas Moore Catholic Church is just gorgeous Beautiful statues of Jesus Christ are located throughout the grounds, and they are huge. These peaceful and quiet settings are for adoration and reflection. I Love Dear Jesus, I talk to Him daily and all the time, He is my very Best Friend! Praise the Good Lord! My Grandparents attend Mass here and so do my parents when they are in town. My parents think the choir is awesome, they provide wonderful renditions and hymns for the Mass. Dave and Vonnie work here also Dave maintenance, Vonnie jack of all trades wherever she is needed (secretary, gift shop etc.). Dave and Yvonne are Eucharistic Ministers as well, and whatever else Dave signs them up for. When you need some quiet time with the Good Lord, like I always do this one of the best Catholic Churches in town.
Roman Catholic Shrine of the Most Holy Redeemer located just off the strip. You can see Mandalay Bay and the Luxor in the background. My family will attend Mass here when they are in the area, another gorgeous Catholic Church, but then all Catholic Churches are gorgeous. They have beautiful sculptures and art work honoring Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and His Kingdom. If you're ever in the area come see the sculpture of the Lord's Supper. The faces on the disciples are the actual faces of the Bishops from the Las Vegas Diocese. Very creative! I love this statue of Jesus Christ He is holding out His arms to welcome everyone. "All Are Welcome" and "Let all the little children come to me." Alleluia!
Arizona, Grand Canyon. North Rim elevation 8,800 feet. Look at that Gorgeous picture, and the view behind me looks pretty good too. My dad took this picture at night it was pitch black if you can believe it. The Good Lord's Spectacular Handiwork!!! Now that's a drop.
The Four Corners is where four states meet, Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Utah. The Continental Divide, divides the watershed, the elevation is 7,200 feet from here you can go to the Pacific Ocean or the Mississippi River. When I crossed the divide, I was on Route 66, which is the highest elevation on the Route. I did get my kicks on Route 66 not really, I did not see a burger joint anywhere and I thought Route 66 was famous for them. Do you believe?
Texas! We are in the panhandle of Texas. My dad told me to look for J.R. and Mike on the train, (BNSF) but then he remembered they are both retired. I was just looking for some lunch!
Pretty Prairie, Kansas Home of the Bulldogs That's Me! My mom loves it here she dreams of living here. I asked her why haven't we moved already? Looks like my kind of town, and I know Toto and Dorothy live somewhere around here. I see them every year the night before Thanksgiving we all watch The Wizard of OZ (family tradition, began when my Uncle Perry and my mom were kids) and eat pizza so, I know them well. I'll keep reminding (bugging) her. Wagon Wheel Best restaurant my mom says. People come from all around the world just to eat at the Wagon Wheel. Once you come you keep coming back, you just can't stay away. I miss it already. My Great Aunt Henri fixed me a cheeseburger. Do you believe? How did she know cheeseburgers are my favorite (she always knows what to cook for everyone). I believe she is my favorite Great Aunt. My Kool Kansas cousins they were exactly what my mom described every little bit. And then some!! My mom has told me endless stories which I thought were hilarious. I asked J.R. if they were all true as she had said, and he said absolutely and added quite a bit more details himself. I laughed even harder. I don't know how his wonderful wife Janet or Mike his big cuddly bear brother put up with him. I wasn't able to see Ben ( J.R.'s and Janet's son) he was at work, but I did get to visit with his adorable wife Kimberly and their first daughter Alayna. (Jay's and Jan's first grandchild) She is just a little sweetheart very precious. I told her she has to come visit me so she can spend time with my nephews Anton, Axton, and Aerik they would absolutely Love her. Pretty Prairie I can see why my mom loves it here. I love it too. Eureka, Kansas Home of my Great Aunt Mary Alice, Great Uncle Robert, Great Aunt Helen (when she's not in Vegas), cousins Kimbo and Shae. Funny I knew my family was big but I just didn't know how big until I started to visit everyone. I was told I only saw a few among many, (Wow), and everyone is so spread out It's hard to see everyone in one setting. Eureka is a small town, my Great Aunt Mary Alice lives right down the road from my Great Aunt Helen, and My Great Helen lives right down the road from my Great Aunt Mary Alice. When they get together they craft (my mom's favorite thing to do) they are very creative and they make all sorts of things I hear. I saw my Great Uncle Robert working in his shed he likes to collect and examine rocks he has quite a collection which my mom and dad have seen. My Great Aunt Mary Alice likes to garden and they both like to do projects around the house (home improvements). I heard My Great Aunt Mary Alice makes the best fudge (her pineapple fudge is to die for my mom says), and my Great Uncle Robert can make a mean Kansas City Steak (melts in your mouth). Kimbo came to see me and my mom was right she does look like the little girl from Winnie the Pooh, just Beautiful. I did not see Shae, but I hear she is a lot of fun. I did get mad at my dad because my ears perked up when we were invited to stay for dinner, (I know that word very well) and he said we had to get going or we would run out of time. I told him there is always time for Dinner. I heard we missed out on some good fixings too. We did get some great photo shots before we left. Kimbo I heard you are not feeling well Get Well Soon! I Love Kansas it's a great place to see and live. So, if you're ever in the area go see my Great Aunt Henri at the Wagon Wheel for a bite, and my Great Aunt Mary Alice for a tasty piece of fudge.
Hodgenville, Kentucky Birthplace of Abraham Lincoln my favorite President. Little log cabins with timber fencing surrounded the place just like the one Lincoln was born in. Fort Knox, Kentucky. You do realize there is no gold here Obama took care of that beginning eight years ago, just ask William Devane (actor). I have seen all his commercials I am sure you have too. Don't take my word for it come check it out for yourself. I wanted to go in the Huge Army tank, but my dad said we only ride in Air Force equipment. My dad reminded me my family always Go Blue!
Fishing with the boys Anton and Axton we didn't catch any fish that day, but we were on our way to lunch anyway so, no big deal. I love to go fishing one of my favorite things to do and my mom always packs a lunch. Do you like my new girlfriend? I can't remember her name (I am a boy so that shouldn't surprise you), but she sure is pretty. Don't you think? Babysitting Lincoln (watching the tube) I only sleep when he sleeps. I am a very good babysitter. I have learned when you babysit you do get snacks. Sign me up.
Red Lion, PA Halloween Parade I love the parade my favorite time of year. I get to give lots of goodies to the kiddies, and I get lots of hugs and kisses too. This year I was Star Wars R2D2 "Let the Force be with you." One of my friends was a Bumble Bee, and a Jet Fighter Pilot. My veteran friends from different Military Branches came by to say hi. So, I was able to visit with many of them. I had a great time, but then again I always do.
Trick or Treat time! The boys came by so, we could trick or treat together. Their costumes were so great I didn't even recognize them. Silver Bullet (my parents nicknamed him because when he was born he had hair on his ears like a werewolf, hence Silver Bullet) Scarecrow highly intelligent That's Silver Bullet! Mr. Magoo The Tin Man his big heart, sweet and loving heart, Sweetheart That's Magoo! Notice the time on his clock, that was the time he was born. Lincoln or The Count (my parents call him Lincoln his middle name or The Count, Aerik reminds my mom of an ear ache so it's either Lincoln or The Count) The Cowardly Lion Courage he bullies his way through the other two he is never ignored and is always heard That's Lincoln! Bubba Gumpers (Madyson) Flying Monkey she is a flying monkey she goes in and out of rooms and you didn't even know she was there, Very Stealthy That's Bubba Gumpers! Kristian and Ronan Joggers in jogging outfits out for a night time run. (which I don't think we ever seen them run, they don't even run with me when I go to the lakes) You rarely see either one of them in any other attire. That's Kristian! and That's Ronan! Kristian and Ronan made the boys costumes they look so good I thought they bought them, but they didn't they made them from scratch. Do you believe? Great Job Mom and Dad!!! I don't know about you but Mr. Magoo needs a haircut! Dinosaur Abbott and Costello meet Frankenstein, at least I am green this year like Frankenstein That's Costello! Every year I look for a Frankenstein costume for me, no luck yet. Maybe I can get my sister and brother to make me one they are very talented. Have Fun Trick or Treating!
Christmas Day! Oh Joy! My favorite! Praise the Good Lord He Has Blessed me with so many Gifts! Look at Silver Bullet, Magoo, The Count and Me just precious don't you think? We have a lot of fun at Christmastime. It does get a little chaotic, but we like it that way. I love taking pictures with Santa he always brings me lots of goodies because I am a very good little boy throughout the year, and he knows I am always nice. Silver Bullet played Santa this year and he did a Great Job handing out presents to everyone especially to me. Even Magoo helped. I love opening presents, I like to mix them big, small, medium it doesn't matter no specific order I just grab and tear that's how my mom and dad taught me. I believe those presents to the right of me are all mine. I love my monkey friends does everyone remember they are my favorite? Ronan, Kristain and the boys got me an elf this year I can't wait to chew on him, his nose will probably be the first to go. Anton, Axton , and Aerik got some great toys too, after opening a few presents they just wanted to sit down and play they didn't really care about the other presents. Not me I like to open all my presents first. Kristian, Ronan, Silver Bullet, Mr. Magoo, The Count and Bubba Gumpers sitting under the tree. What a great family portrait. When it was time for Madyson and me to show off our new Christmas sweaters something wasn't quite right with Bubba Gumper's it was a little small (more like tiny). When her dad was putting the sweater on her she kept telling him this doesn't fit right and it's too tight. He told her she would be OK she could take it off after the picture was taken. She said this looks ridiculous and "there all going to laugh at me" (what movie). We were able to get the shot and Bubba was Pretty as a Picture. We don't know what happen we get her sweaters all the time so, who knows. Our Christmas feast was delightful! Ronan's Beef Wellington was excellent, Kristian's fresh green bean dish was delicious and my dad's Baked Alaska was an ice cream whip of delight. Needless to say we ate and ate. I actually think I got full that day that never happens, not to me anyways. We played games, watched movies, and I napped and napped and napped. I wish you all a Great New Year!
Looky who came to see me. Mike and Brenda. When we get together we have a blast, and we have so many adventures together. Their friends are my best friends Gunner, Vinny, Buck, Train, Siena they have had so many sometimes I can't keep up. We like to fish, hike, picnic, and barbecue all my favorite things. One of these days I'll go hunting with them, for they are both avid hunters. They always get their game. I always love to see them sometimes we just hang out, and they always have a treat or toy in their hand especially just for me. I have known them all my life, they call me Chubby Bunny. Look what they brought me for Christmas my very own little friend (well maybe not so little) I haven't named him yet I'll wait for the spring when he gets some color. Mike and Brenda promise to help me paint him so, this will be a fun project. Brenda told me her and Mike found great spot just over the state line great trails and waterfalls. I can't wait to go, my buddy Gunner and I will have a blast. We will take pictures of the painting project so you can all see what my little friend looks like with some color. He will look more like me Bulldog! That's Me! I Love Brenda and Mike.
First snow of the season the weather man predicted ten inches at least, look around does this look like ten inches to you? I don't think so, they always get it wrong. It's not even that cold out here, my mommy always puts a sweater on me when it's cold. Not today. I am having a good time with my nephews Anton and Axton. Look at them over there, their trying to make a snowman I already told them my dad said you can't make a snowman with this type of snow it is too dry (powdered). My dad is the expert on snow, but they don't listen. That's OK the snowball fight will begin any moment.
Looky who came to visit me and for a whole week. Silver Bullet. We have so much fun together, we played civil war men, water pipe connections, and took turns conducting the train. We ate together slept together, swapped stories and I made waffles (what movie?). He caught me up on all the episodes of My Little Pony which I enjoyed, and he taught me some fun games on the Kindle. He knows how to play games very well, and he gets better every day. I missed him when he went to school in the mornings, but he would always come home and tell what he did at school. School sounds fun. I wish I could go, I especially like to hear about snack time. He told me he likes his teacher, and he likes to play in the kitchen area. He loves to cook and he whipped up so many delectable's for my mom and dad and me. We enjoyed our hikes at the lakes, he always beats me, that's OK sometimes I am a little slow; he did find some cool walking sticks though we both love the lakes. We can't wait for summer so, we can pack a lunch when we hike. I played the movie Tangled (different version of Rapunzel) he said he liked it probably because her hair was longer than Elsa's from the movie Frozen, about five times longer. We played in the snow (second snow of the season) tug-a-war and snowball fight. He does make a pretty good snowball and he got me in the face (good) a couple of times. We tried to make a snowman, but my dad told us it's not the right snow, and he is the expert on snow (Minnesota boy). It didn't last to long and we both agreed it would be melted by the next day. I love it when Silver Bullet comes to visit me, but I do sleep for days when he leaves. I Love Silver Bullet!
Praise the Good Lord! I am truly Blessed! My year was jammed packed. Busy, busy, busy I got to visit with so many people, and saw so many different places. I haven't decided what place I liked the most, but I do think I like the west (the sun is brighter and the weather is warmer) better than the east. There were some cold days, but nothing compared to home. I love road trips I never know where my parents will take me next. I had so much fun seeing all of you and thank you so much for your hospitality. I can't wait see you again, I miss you already. Thank You! to each and every one of you, for all you do for me. May the Good Lord Bless You and Keep you always!!! Love to All! Costello Fellow

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