Creativity Lives Here

Teachers at PoMoArts

This biennial exhibition spotlights the art practices of PoMoArts talented visual arts teachers. With a passion for arts instruction, our teachers are leaders in their field and commit themselves to creating diverse learning experiences, sharing their creative skills and inspiring students of all ages. Now we celebrate them in Creativity Lives Here.

For artwork inquiries or purchases please email Janice Cotter, Gallery Manager, at Gallery@pomoarts.ca.

Participating Artists

Olga Andreinko | Kimberly Blackstock | Pauline Doyle

Christy Dunsmore | Margarita Hobbes | Lili Masbough

Rana Navid | Golriz Rezvani | Shohre Shirazi

Agata Teodorwicz | Tracy Xie


Olga Andreinko

Olga is a fine arts teacher and a potter. After her many years of experience, she has an abundance of knowledge in the methodologies associated with the teaching of children of different ages and adults. Her principals of teaching are simplicity, structure, learning by example and reproducibility. She aims to develop visual memory, concentration, proportions, analysis-synthesis, comparison, generalization, emotional and aesthetic in her classes.

Green Vase
Plate Set
Russian Bowl
Clockwise, top left: Water Earth Plate; Rain Mug; Space Bowl; Purple Abstract Plate
Brown Bowl
Flower and Leaf set
Abstract Cups


Kimberly Blackstock


When not in her own studio Blackstock inspires and instructs people of all ages to find creative motivation, seek new ways of seeing and gain technical skills to develop and share their own creative vision.

In my painting I aim to capture the powerful vitality within and beyond the visual realm. Through a range of expressive methods—realism, impressionism, abstraction—my work attempts to evoke the beauty of the unseen, the beauty of what is deeply felt when witnessing works of art.
Reflection I, 16" circle, poured acrylic and resin on wood panel $590
Reflection II, 16" circle, poured acrylic and resin on wood panel $590
Reflection III, 16" circle, poured acrylic and resin on wood panel $590

The fulfillment I gain through my practice is above all about connection. I see painting as an imaginative activity that puts me in touch with the distinct feelings of my subject matter. Capturing this powerful essence ensures these immaterial sensations are shared. As viewers connect to the work and to each other, the world is charged with new energy flows.

My floral pieces reflect an instinctual attraction to a primal, delicate beauty. Colours and patterns meld and flow within and between flowers, especially in my brushless work, where boundaries dissolve through an impressionistic touch. The gesture is toward interconnection, as I relinquish rigid control. Elsewhere, tracing the soft textures of flower petals with light brush strokes in vivid white, I suggest the near-electric energy of these natural objects. My goal is to render and pay respect to nature’s tremendous force.

Kimberly Blackstock uses poured acrylics in many of her paintings. She share her process in this five minute video.

Love You to Pieces I, 30" circle poured acrylic on wood panel $1800
Love You to Pieces II, 30" circle poured acrylic on wood panel $1800
Love You to Pieces III, 30" circle poured acrylic on wood panel $1800
Emergence II 24"x24" acrylic and ink on wood panel with high gloss finish. $1250

I am always searching for the right method to embody the purest forms of life’s beauty and energy. In this regard, my abstract work has been important, because it releases me from the strictures of traditional representation, freeing me to summon elusive sensations and mental states through the basic building blocks of visual media: shapes, pure-toned lines and circles; dark shadows and pale cloud patches; gentle wisps or strong formless marks. In some instances the canvas is a stormy or playful chaos of shapes and tones. In others, as in my chromatic drip paintings—which feature long, thin parallel lines of bright, pure colour—I revise the spectrum, welcoming gravity as a co-creator in drawing the lines of connection that bind us.

Emergence I 24"x24" acrylic and ink on wood panel with high gloss finish. $1250

My genuine desire is that my work speaks allegorically of a life lived free of judgement and fear. In painting I have discovered a way to be alive to the world’s beauty and vitality, and I treasure the opportunity to bear witness to it through my diverse, evolving practice, so that others come to know it as I have.


Pauline Doyle


As a teacher of ceramic handbuilding my classes are project centered; each project teaches skills and techniques and gives plenty of opportunity for individual discovery and creative expression.

Pink Pear 5"×4"; Golden Pear 7"×4"; $35.00 each
My art practice is inspired by the exploration of nature and beauty, irony and humor. In each art piece I aim to find that sweet spot where materials and imagination come together to create a realized work.

I was Artist In Residence for 3 years, 2009-2012 at the Port Moody Arts Centre where I developed my professional art practice, ran the community studio, taught classes and exhibited my work. Presently, I run a small private studio and teach ceramic hand-building and glazing to children, teens and adults at a beginner/intermediate level at the Port Moody Arts Centre.

Big Bang Boxes 6"×4"×4" Clay, glaze and underglaze NFS
The Bear and the Bee 14" ceramic plate- clay, underglaze, glaze $240.00
Pressed Decorative Dish 6"x1.5" $35.00


Christy Dunsmore


Humans are blessed with the ability to tell stories. Some of us use words. Some of us use dance or music. Some of us use art. Regardless of the medium you choose, tell your stories. The world is waiting. Creativity ... it's good for you!

All I Do is Dream of You, 10"x13" graphite on paper NFS - Mags liked to lie in the soft folds of cotton sheets and imagine she was in the heart of a flower. Howard liked to lie on Humphrey’s silk pillow. Not because of the smooth silk, but just because it was Humphrey’s.
Fly Me to the Moon, 10"x13" graphite on paper. NFS - Humphrey liked to sleep alone, even if it meant abandoning his favourite pillow to Howard. And he liked to try to dream of chasing birds in the moonlight, but for some reason he always dreamed of a mischievous mouse.
I've Got You Under My Skin, 10"x13" graphite on paper NFS - Mags liked to play hide and seek. She wasn’t very good at hiding. She was more concerned about being found quickly by someone bearing treats.

I am an artist, educator and writer. One of my current projects is a children’s picture book that features my real cats, Mags and Humphrey, and their friend, Howard the Mouse. (I don’t actually have a mouse in my house … but if I did, I’d sure like it to be Howard!) This book is about how we are all different, and while we may like different things, we can still like each other, differences and all! Love makes the difference, doesn’t it?

You might notice that the titles of these illustrations are from old songs. I like songs that were sung by Frank Sinatra … but the Michael Buble versions are pretty great, too. (That’s just one of the things that makes me different.)

with drawing you are trying to develop your ability to see the world... as it is, as it was, or how you dream it could be.

Christy Dunsmore discussing creativity and three ways of drawing.

Who Goes There 10"x13" watercolour on paper NFS
Cat in Spain 10"x13" watercolour on paper

I come by my creative spirit quite honestly. My mom was an amazing artist and encouraged all of us to draw when we were old enough to hold a crayon (all the while helping us resist that childish urge to stuff those bright waxy bits into our noses). We’d come home from school and pull out a big roll of brown paper and just draw. We’d explore our beautiful Okanagan wilderness and sketch the landscape, the animals and each other, eating our peanut butter sandwiches and Dad’s homemade fudge. Oh yeah. Dad. Well, Dad wasn’t so visually creative. He was an economist, an accountant, a true bean counter who even cleaned our septic tank in his suit. But he encouraged our little band of towheaded artists and, on occasion, blessed us with a little stick man or two.

Top left clockwise - Antelope Canyon 1, 11x15, watercolour on paper; Nike in Flight, 12x18; Rocky Point Pond, 10x13; On Golden Pond, 11x14; acrylic on paper; all NFS

While I have always enjoyed teaching art privately, I am very pleased to be part of the PoMoArts family. I hope you will join me to explore my passion for mixed media. And who knows? Maybe we’ll stuff a few crayons up our noses!

On the Gold Path 36x40 mixed media on canvas NFS


Margarita Hobbes


Creating art and working on creative projects is my way making sense of life experiences and my environment.

I believe that the practice of art helps a person become more of who they are meant to be.
Puto Bungbung

Both are 8x8 inches, mixed media acrylic, resin and alcohol ink on gallery depth wooden cradle board; $278 each

Margarita is inspired by the colours and shapes of the natural environment, and is obsessed with past events that have occurred in her life. She looks for what might not immediately apparent to the naked eye. Her work is a study of shape and movement conveyed through line, texture, layers and colour. Materials and chemical reactions between the materials she uses in her art are very much a part of her creative process.

Diwata 8"x8" mixed media acrylic, resin and alcohol ink on gallery depth wooden cradle board, $278

I teach varied classes and a variety of techniques, with various materials, because there are different ways to create and different paths to creativity. It is my hope that with my help, students are able to find the techniques and tools that resonate uniquely with them.

As an art instructor, I believe that my job is to help my students find and forge their own road to self-discovery.

Secondhand Cigarette Smoke 6"x6" mixed media acrylic, resin and alcohol ink on gallery depth wooden cradle board, $209
Maria Makiling - 8"x8" mixed media acrylic, resin and alcohol ink on gallery depth wooden cradle board, $278
Dapdap Pond 8"x8" mixed media acrylic, resin and alcohol ink on gallery depth wooden cradle board, $278

There is a lot of meaning infused into each of my art pieces. I do not exaggerate when I say there is much of myself in every artwork I create. Aside from containing beautiful colours and interesting textures, there is a story behind every one of my creations. And the stories I tell are very personal, usually it's a tale from my childhood and younger years that is lurking behind each rich layer of paint.

Top left clockwise: Taal 8"x8" $278; Tall Gate Unscalable Walls 6"x6" $209; Guts 6"x6" $209; Blackheart 6"x6" $209; All are mixed media acrylic, resin and alcohol ink on gallery depth wooden cradle board.


Lili Masbough


Lili is a passionate artist who loves to create work that represents balance and beauty. She appreciates clean lines with meticulous edges, and finds it extremely relaxing and calming to paint in this manner. Since 2005 she has been sharing her passion for art with her students. She has been holding private and group lessons since then, and always encourages her students to explore their creativity and refine their own style.

“Exceptionally calming and balanced” ­— that is the essence of the energy I try to capture in my paintings. It reflects the spirit of modernism while also embracing notions of nostalgia and sentimentality. In pursuit of a style and aesthetic that is not implied but assumed, I aim to embody a character of sleek elegance which evokes a streamlined look.
Glass Pear 12"x14”, Oil on Canvas, $500

The glass pear is part of an in-process collection. The streamlined shape and vivid tones are forming the outline of the pear.

“The colourful world that we live in”: this idea came to me when I was trying to capture the outline of subjects, separating shapes and colours. This is the fundamental idea behind this collection, to see the vivid colours of the subject in the background.

We always see the shape and colours together. I attempt to present them in different concepts. For example, the deep mahogany represents the hues of the violin. The same concept is behind other pieces in this collection as well.

Sunrise 8"x8” Oil on Canvas $100
Sunset 8”x8” Oil on Canvas $100
Guitar; Violin; both 8”x8” Oil on Canvas $100 each

By reducing three dimensional objects to planar geometric forms I am able to achieve minimalist outcomes without sacrificing precise attention to the details. In my Birds of Paradise collection, I created a balance between neutral and vivid colours in surreal-style paintings. In recent years, I was drawn to the organic shapes of art nouveau and the geometric patterns of Art Deco, characterized by complementary and contrasting vibrant colours.

Dancing in the Sun 30”x40” Oil on Canvas $1800


Rana Navid

Although she studied Biomedical Engineering and received a Master of Business Administration, art has been one of Rana Navid’s passions since her childhood in Tehran, Iran. She finds that it provides creative ways for her to express her feelings.

Dot painted Persian Plate
Eshgh,  Vitrail on fluid painting
Hob, Vitrail on fluid painting

Painting makes Rana Navid feel more inspired, and she wants to share all of the knowledge of art she has learnt over the years, with her students. Rana enjoys working with her students to help them develop their painting skills in their chosen medium.

Nowruz for Mom 20”x16” vitrail paint on glass
Love Purity Fidelity I; Love Purity Fidelity II ; Love Purity Fidelity III; all are 16”x13” vitrail paint on glass, framed, $400 each
Two Birds 16”x13” vitrail paint on glass, framed, $400


Golriz Rezvani


I can depict deeper context with visual elements than words, and that’s why I chose painting as my artistic language.

Lavender 24”x36” mixed media on cardboard $1000
Bottom Line 31”x40” mixed media on cardboard, $1000

Golriz Rezvani is interested in creating a surreal world that narrates the day to day life. On most of her pieces human beings play the main role, telling a story. Some stories have a sense of nostalgia, a forgotten memory, and some are about what is happening now.

Notch 11”x 48” mixed media on canvas, quadriptych, $1000
The Plant and Pablo 13"x17" mixed media on paper $500
Uncovered Spot 20”x24” mixed media on canvas $1000

Golriz believes in communicating through her art and shares the pain, happiness, and confusion. She tries to avoid conveying one solid and direct message, and leaves room for the audience to have diverse interpretations. This way they can look at the work and make up their own stories.

Top left clockwise: We are closed!; Aunt's Visit; both 11"x17" mixed media on paper, $500 each; White Crash 28"x48" mixed media on canvas $3000; Avant Partir 13"x17" mixed media on paper $500
Blue Dreams 22"x28" mixed media on canvas board $750


Shohre Shirazi


"Trees Endless Inspiration" collection

Wake up!!!! Open your eyes!!!! During these Covidy, gloomy, end of the worldy times, I was walking in the forest near my home and all of sudden saw an old tree that has been standing there for an eternity. This tree was standing there when plague swiped across Europe. It was standing there when Spanish flue killed 30 million people around the world. It was standing there when Hiroshima was destroyed…. It was like all of sudden I woke up from a very heavy sleep and noticed all that matters, all that is the essence of this world, all that will be when we are all gone regardless of Covid or whatever it is that ends me. This can save me from this turbulent crazy storm that is throwing me around every second. Nature.

Trees Endless Inspiration I; 5.5" x 8.5" Pen on Glazed Paper $150
Trees Endless Inspiration II; 5.5" x 8.5" Pen on Glazed Paper $150

Nature has been here, will be here, and will provide its calm and beauty free of charge for whoever who notices it and seeks it’s help. I went home and franticly started to draw trees. Large trees, small trees, twisted ones or straight ones. I could not stop being amazed by these eternal silent witnesses of life. The “Trees Endless Inspiration” collection that you see here are just a few of the tens of tree drawings that I have made in the last three months. I hope they can convey a fraction of the calm and solace they gave me during these uncertain times to you.

Trees Endless Inspiration III; 5.5" x 8.5" Pen on Glazed Paper $150
From top left clockwise: Trees Endless Inspiration IV; Trees Endless Inspiration V; Trees Endless Inspiration VI; Trees Endless Inspiration VII; Trees Endless Inspiration VIII; all are 5.5" x 8.5" Pen on Glazed Paper $150
Tranquillity 13" x 9" Watercolour on Arches Coldpress Watercolour Paper $400
Vacancy 12" x 10" Watercolour on Arches Coldpress Watercolour Paper $400


Agata Teodorwicz

Agata brings her knowledge and sense of humour to each class. She has a true passion for sharing art with children and adult students. Her ability to translate the elite language of art into understandable terms and accessible teaching style has twice earned her the Tri-Cities "Favorite Art Teacher" award.

Flax and Friends 18"x36" oil on canvas $1500
Paint what you feel, paint what you know, paint what you love.

Agata says that her garden at Colony Farms is controlled but messy and when everything starts growing it goes "a little bit mad, a little bit tangled". This garden was her source of inspiration for this series. She wanted the paintings to replicate that tangled feeling and to show the seasonality of the garden space she loves.

Agata's garden at Colony Farms.
Pink and Silver 18"x36" oil on canvas $1500
L-R: Spring Tangle; Spring Finally; both 18"x36" oil on canvas, $1500 each
Love in the Mist and the Blues 18"x36" oil on canvas $1500
Johnny Jump Ups Hiding 18"x36" oil on canvas, $1500 each
L-R Nasturtiums and Friends; Rudbeckia En Mass; both 18"x36" oil on canvas, $1500 each


Tracy Xie


As an Art Teacher, it is my mission to expose students to various possibilities in art, build up their confidence in individual creative expression and pursuit, recognize art as a life-long joyful experience.

“ Ordinary Life” was a new approach for me to apply yarn, thread and textile to create compositions by combining color, line and texture. They are memories, places, feelings, space and things we see in our daily lives.
Ordinary Life II, 36"x36" Yarns, threads on wooden frame $800
Ordinary Life IV, 36"x36" Yarns, threads on wooden frame $800

Tracy’s personal artwork refers to individual narrative and ritual as well as exploring her own unique artistic expression.

L-R Ordinary Life VIII;Ordinary Life IX; both 30"x40" Yarns, threads on wooden frame, $900 each
Ordinary Life VI, 36"x36" Yarns, threads on wooden frame $800
Ordinary Life VII, 30"x40" Yarns, threads on wooden frame $900
Ordinary Life III, 36"x36" Yarns, threads on wooden frame $800
Ordinary Life I, 36"x36" Yarns, threads on wooden frame $800


Creativity Lives Here

Teachers at PoMoArts

This exhibition was intended to be installed in the galleries at PoMoArts in July 2020. Due to the pandemic, it was postponed and is now being presented as a digital exhibition. With gratitude to the artists for their flexibility and for trusting us in the transition to the online presentation of their artwork.

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