The Harn Museum By: Charles harris

Machiko, OGAWA. Vessel. 2008, Stoneware, Harn Museum, Gainesville, FL. By Charles Harris. ”I and Vessel.” 2017 .JPEG.

This particular piece of work I found to depict a much more unique form of art. This object is designed to look like a stone split in half with a green crystalline formation inside. Pictures simply do not do it justice as it looks plain and average. However, in person you can see the variations of the vivid green as well as the incredible detail the sculpture included in order to create the illusion of realism. This piece to me highlights the simplicity that art can take on yet have so much detail at the same time. It really gives me a greater appreciation for some forms of art.

Harris, Charles. “In the Asian Collection of the Harn Museum of Art, Gainesville, FL.” 2017 .JPEG.

The Asian art wing is the most beautiful part of the museum with its use of dark wood to contrast the white walls and display cases. It is itself is own work of art in the way that it pleases your eyes. Furthermore the layout of the room creates this relaxing vibe with large sculptures laying on the floor and a large window looking out into the garden. The lighting in the room also improves the contrast in the room highlighting the important aspects of the room. This room makes me almost out of place because its so put together.

Tomomi, TANAKA. Black Flame.2015, Sculpture, Harn Museum, Gainesville, FL. By Charles Harris “I and Black Flame” 2017.JPEG.

"Black Flame" depicts the idea of power and strength, These two ideas are frequently frowned upon as being over bearing or disruptive. But to me they mean control and possibility. This particular piece illustrates this idea by depicting a flame that resembles a sculpture of a flower. It shows the power and possibility without overusing it and creating fear. For me it is a reminder that it is possible to balance many strong beliefs or values in a nonthreatening way.

Kuriso, Hoichi. Asian Art Wing Garden. 2012, Garden, Harn Museum, Gainesville, Fl. By Charles Harris. “I in the Asian Art Wing Garden.” 2017. JPEG

The Asian Art Wing Garden by far is the beautiful and tranquil section of the museum. I feel as if this is an unconventional approach to answering "what is the good life" but to me this garden answers the question. This garden is a masterpiece depicting peace and tranquility by having so many components working in complete harmony with each other. It just radiates the idea of peace. For me this garden depicts what I want to achieve in life, Not just to have a peaceful garden but to be as peaceful as it is.


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