The Valley of the Temples Agrigento

The Valley of the Temples is an archaeological area of Sicily characterized by a series of important Doric temples of the Greek period. Corresponds to the ancient "AKRAGAS", a monumental nucleus of the city of Agrigento. Today is a regional archaeological park. Since 1997 the whole area has been included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. The valley of temples is characterized by the remains of ten temples in Doric order, three sanctuaries, a great Negropoli concentration:

: (Montelusa, Moses, Pezzino, Roman necropolis and tomb of Teron, early Christian, Acrosoli); hydraulic works; (Garden of Kolymbetra and Ipogei); Fortifications Two important meeting places were: The Lower Agorah (not far from the remains of the Temple of Zeus Olimpio) and the Upper Agora (located within the museum complex). An Olympeion and a Bouleuterion ) Of the Roman era on a Greek plant. The denominations of temples and their identifications,

Except that of the Olmpeion, are presumed to be humanistic speculations, which are, however, remained in common use. Temple of Hera Lacinia, or temple of Juno, was built in the 5th century BC And burned in the 406 by the Carthaginians. It was the temple where celebrities usually celebrated.

• Temple of Concordia, also built in the fifth century, is probably the best preserved, thanks to the fact that it was converted into a Christian temple in the 6th century AD.

• Temple of Heracles, whose cult was very important in ancient Akragas. It is one of the oldest buildings. Destroyed by an earthquake, today eight columns remain.

• Temple of Zeus Olimpio, built after the victory of Himera on Carthaginians (480-479) to honor Zeus. It was the largest temple in the ancient West and unique in the architecture of its kind. It was characterized by the presence of telamons, immense sculptures of seven and a half feet high, atlas representations supporting the celestial vault.

• Temple of the Dioscuri: In fact, the temple rises within the sanctuary of the actonie gods and is therefore likely to have been built in honor of the gods of the earth.

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