Mrs. Mac This is my story

Years ago, I was born in Houston . . .
. . . and raised in New Orleans
When I was in high school, I discovered my love for the stage. My first role was the title role of "The Tree" in the play The Wishin' Tree. Tree became my nickname in high school and college (Trivia: Most of my friends didn't know my real name)
I went to college at the University of Southern Mississippi in Hattiesburg. I majored in English English Education while minoring in Spanish and Theatre. After five years of hard work, I got a job teaching English and Yearbook in the sleepy little beach town of Bay. St Louis, Mississippi.
I married my friend Patrick McLaughlin. We are proof that a Star Wars nerd and a Star Trek nerd can live in loving harmony. We have never missed a Marvel movie and know to stay until the end of the credits.

Everything changed in 2005

We lost it all. Hurricane Katrina destroyed our house and cars. Looters trashed my classroom. The casino were my husband worked sunk into the bay. We were stranded on the coast with no running water, electricity, phone service and spotty cell service for days. We finally traded a bag of apples and a bowl of ice for three gallons of gas which was just enough to get us out of town. We stayed with friends and family since we were homeless. I cannot thank people enough for their generosity during that time. I will say this: it's not until you lose everything that you can see what is truly important. That is the hardest lesson I've ever had to learn.
So we moved to Texas where I got a job teaching Spanish. This is how I learned I do not like teaching Spanish.
The I landed my dream job teaching Theatre Arts!!! Acting, creating sets, making costumes, directing! It was the absolute best! Happiness ensued!

In 2008, we had our daughter Phoebe.

I am not the only McLaughlin on the Art Park Stage. Here she is performing her solo from the Spring Pop Show Broadway Review.

And now we've been in a play together. Here is the cast and crew of "The Yellow Boat"

We performed for Project Joy and Hope at the Pedi-Hope Conference.
In 2010, I wanted a new home. I needed to find a school where I loved to be. That's when I found Deer Park Junior High.

I do more than teach theatre.

I just earned my master's degree in Educational Leadership from the University of North Texas.
This is my kitty cat, Rune. He is 18 years old. He is scared of going to the vet (where this picture was taken- he is hiding behind my back).
This is Loki. Be careful when you name an animal after the god of mischief. Good thing he is cute.

I still act whenever I can and love being at Art Park. Here I am as The Fairy Godmother in Art Park's production of Shrek: the Musical. I am the one in the gold dress on the left.

Honestly, this was one of my favorite roles.
And as Angie in "The Wedding Singer" at Art Park
And as Rosalind in "Moon Over Buffalo" at Franca's Dinner Theatre
And Vera in "The Odd Couple" at Harbour Playhouse

I love . . . .

Star Wars
Doctor Who
Twin day. We were all dressed as The Doctor and therefore twins.
Broadway Musicals especially . . .
Not throwing away my shot.
You can't stop the beat!
I think I'll try defying gravity.
Neverending stoooooooooorrryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!
Memes. I love memes.
My students are now a part of my story. I'm honored to share it with them. The End (for now)


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