Summer 2016 A visual summery of the amazing adventures I experienced Within the few short months of summer, here in MN.

I suppose it all kicked off when Jenni turned 21 and decided to drink beer (in the rain) in the woods, just like old times.

After our trip to the LS, we arrived to our destination: the trail leading us to the oh so familiar train bridge, and the beloved St. Croix.

As we began on the grassy trail, we all cracked a beer for the hike.

The hike to the railroad tracks is always so beautiful. However, this was the first time I had been out to these woods while it rained, not to mention it was my first time back in nearly two years. The smell of the earth, already so potent, just over took my spirit.

It hit me, while I was out: how much I needed it. I need nature around to help me feel calm; it helps me practice mindfulness in a way I realize what is truly going on and not worry about anything else. Perhaps this is because there are no distractions out there.

Once it began to lightening we hiked back up the grassy trail. We waited under tree cover for the rain to subside.

First canoe trip with Dan

I got so hungry the first thing we had to do was pull over and grill up some hot dogs.

Then we were on our way to the back waters.
Dan couldn't believe how low the river was- we couldn't paddle so we hiked around for a bit instead.
A quick beer break.
Then back to paddling.
After we paddled for a while, we finally arrived upon some deeper water.
Then we found a beautiful place to relax.
Then we began our journey back.
About to pull up to shore and load the canoe!
Then as a Lerum family event: Portugal. The man & Cage the Elephant concert
Stopped at the bar before the show.

Amazing concert and a lot of fun with the family.

Then back to the river to observe some cave paintings.

After checking out the cave paintings, we parked the canoe on a small beach to relax.

It was such a beautiful day. We had to make a canopy for some shade because the sun way so intense.

Pool time at Taylor's
Then Dan and I went camping on the St. Croix.

The campsite was so excluded from the other parts of the river. We paddled back awhile and had to transport the canoe into a bat to get to the campsite.

After we set everything up we went trekking around.

I was beginning to feel as if I was getting too much sun.

I was right about too much sun.

Then we went up to Duluth.

We hiked through Chester Park. Then went to park point to check out the Lake.

Then back to the river.

We camped at the same spot we did the previous time. This time the river was much higher.

Finally made it back to the campsite
Hot dog lunch

After lunch we went paddling around the bay.

After enjoying the river this summer we made our way back to MPLS.

Thanks for viewing!


Sara Lerum and Dan Felland

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