3ème Parents - Teachers Subject: TECHNOLOGIE

The Essential

Hours per week --> 1h30/week - in group (~ 12 students).

School material: One binder with 5 tabs.

Where ?: In specialized classroom - Room 207.

website: technologie.rochambeau.org

Room 207
Room 207 And projects

Domain of study this year: ROBOTICS

Robot sumo


Skills To Acquire

  1. Searching the best technical solution to solve a problem.
  2. Ability to work in a group to share knowledges
  3. Presenting results to the whole group.
  4. Creating, innovating, designing.
  5. Preparation of DNB (End of Middle School Diploma) : Sciences Test (SPC, SVT And Technology)
  6. EPI: Interdisciplinary study (French/History/Technologie) and realization of a project presented during the DNB
  7. And also be motivated to work for a competition
DiscoVery autonomous systems

Working in group of 2 to 3 students per experiment.


Grading: Experiments, Quiz, Test, participation and project

Study of sensors

Study of actuators

Basic programming autonomous vehicule

Advanced programming

Research of the frame, bumper and assembly for the Sumo Robot

Computer Numeric Control (CNC) & 3D printer

Robot Sumo competition

Field Trip: NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center or the Robotics department of GWU.

Robotics Lab

Communication with me: bagnatod@rochambeau.org

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Dominique Bagnato


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