Singapore Officially the Republic of Singapore

Singapore also known as the Lion city or the little red dot is located in south east Asia and is an island right under and to the right of Malysia. It's national day is August 9th.

Warm average temperature of 31 degrees centigrade and is very humid due to being a tropical climate. This also means that there is lots of rain, over all the climate is very warm.

The Religions in Singapore are Christianity, Buddhism, Islam and Hunduism. Buddhism is the religin in most of the poulation and Christianaty is rhe least followed. In Singapore there are holidays for all religions for example Diwalli, Christmas and Chinese New Year.

Singapore has no one official language it acutely has 4. The four languages are English, Malay, Mandarin and Tamil. This is done by the country to have no boundaries between the people.

The National food in Singapore is chicken rice seen in the background. There are also losts of food from lots of asian countries like Roti Prata from India, Nasi Ambeng from malaysia and so on.

In Singapore it is a constitution with a president, there is also a prime minister who gives advice to the president. The government does not spend much money on military but instead focuses on education and urbanism.

Singapore is a warm environment so the clothing is designed for the type of environment. Typically it is shorts and a thin T-shirt. But there is also traditional clothing as shown behind. There are many types of traditional clothing since there are many religions.

In Singapore there are very little natural disasters. The worst disasters that happen to Singapore are some floods. In general Singapore has a very low chance for natural disasters.

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