Meiosis: is sexual reproduction, Mitosis: is asexual reproduction (skin cells dividing)

nondisjunction: result of a mistake at the level of chromosomes

recessive genes: all people cary 20 recessive genes of genetic diseases.

dominate genes: what tells you what color hair/ eye color/ what makes you different

somatic cell: are diploid they contain 2 set of chromosomes inherited from each parent

germ cell: in a develop baby, eventually produce sperm in males and eggs in females

karyotype: 21 karyotype figure show the chromosomal arrangement, genotype: makes the trait

kleinfetter's syndrome: result of a random genetic error during the formation of the egg or sperm

colorblindness: simple mutation of gene recessive in males

turners disease: asexual no x or y in chromosomes (you'll see a X and a O and that equals Tuner's syndrome!)

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