International Business BBB4M

International Business – a system of transactions conducted between businesses located in different countries

Domestic Business – A business that makes most of its transactions within the border of the country in which it is based. (i.e. owned by Canadians, relies primarily on products & services made in Canada, and sells to Canadians).

Domestic Market –The customers of a business who live in the country where the business operates.

Foreign Market – The customers of a business who live in a different country than the one where the business operates.

2. Why is it difficult to be a totally domestic business?

Most businesses are either owned by a foreign company or use markets and/or suppliers in other countries.

3. Consider the businesses listed below. List a reason how the business might be domestic and a reason it may not be domestic.

8. Outline Canada's trade relationship/history with:

  1. Europe
  2. U.S.A.
  3. Middle East
  4. Mexico
  5. India
  6. Africa

10. Hand in your response before you leave today.....Explain, using factual examples, why Canada is a trading nation.


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