Excite All Stars STEM Programing

Excite All Stars STEM Programming for March includes exciting activities in Aviation, Drone Flying, Coding and Robotics!

Our Goal

We're using the power of STEM to provide hands on experience with a goal to peak our youth intrest into careers like Pilots, Software Engineering and more. During our programs students will learn the importance of team work and communication as they work together coding, building robots, and flying drones!


Aviation cavers all the components of S.T.E.M. and can be expanded further into other classes such as English or History. STEMPilot uses that in tandem with simulation to create a hands-on Project-based-learning environment that is; engaging for the students and easy for them to learn! With hands on flight simulations with controllers and peddles, they will be able to fly from San Fransisco to New York all from their SEAT!
Excite all start is also excited to bring STEM Pilot at Home to Kipp East to provide a virtual aviation experience for students. This self guided curriculum makes it easy for students to get excited about piloting an airplane from their home or their classroom!

Drone Club

Students will get hands on training and expereince with flying drones! Understanding the science behind how drones lift off the ground and how to fly safely, while capturing amazing ariel photography and video. Students will also learn about the amazing careers that grow from learning how to pilot drones.


Whats more exciting than gaming? Creating video games! Students will get hands on sessions with coding their very own 8 Bit video game using Block Code, Java or Python! We use the power of MakeCode Arcade to push their critical thinking and creative skills to build their very own game choosing the coding language of their choice. This program is done in person but also will be hosted with virtual classes as well!


Our robotics programing will introduce students into the world of michanical engineering. Using the amazing kits from VEX IQ, students will partner with team memebers to build robots and control them to live and grab items. Our goals to give students the robotics competion experience. Allowing them to work in teams to build communication and critical thinking skills to make their robot come to life.