ON BOARD With Mary Umstot and Penny Talbot

On Board with Mary Umstot and Penny Talbot

Mary Umstot is an author and well known in the boating community.

Mary and her husband, Denis, have traveled around the world in their boat, Teka III. Taking their readers to exotic locations. But her first children’s book, How Boats Work, had a special place in her heart. It was her newest baby.

Author Mary Umstot had an idea. A children’s book on how boats work. The story was written, but now what? How to publish it? What about illustrations? She had the story, but it was incomplete.

Fate stepped in and made the proper introductions. Some would call it being in the right place at the right time.

The place—Trawlerfest in Anacortes, WA. Armchair Publishing was asked to teach a class on How to Self-Publish. Umstot attended the class and the answer of ‘how’ was presented to her. She accepted and hired Armchair Publishing to help her publish, How Boats Work. The ‘how’ was now taken care of.

But, what about the illustrations? Well, fate wasn’t finished making introductions yet, she had one more.

Attending that same class was painter, Penny Talbot and her friend, Kim. Kim overheard the conversation about trying to find an illustrator and introduced Mary to Penny. Mary not only found an illustrator, she found an illustrator who understood How Boats Work. A win-win for all.

But, as it turned out, fate wasn’t done that day. As a result of the introductions, not only did a book become a reality, new friendships were forged.

Today, Mary’s dream of How Boats Work is a fun and educational read for children and adults. And, everyone involved is great friends and grateful to Fate for making the introductions.

Left, Mary Umstot (author), right, Penny Talbot (illustrator)

Visit Mary's website at http://www.teka3.com

Penny Talbot has spent over 35 years in and around boats, living and raising a family aboard, and cruising the British Columbia coast with her husband, Lawrence. Illustrating How Boats Work gave her an opportunity to really dig deep into her artistic vaults, create images of the world that has giver her much joy over the years, and will give children a glimpse into the wonderful world of boats and all that goes with them.

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