Expectation vs Reality First Semester at CSUF Raquel Calderon semester project comm317 Wed 6:30pm


Stay home

If I wasn’t at work then I expected myself to stay home and do all the homework or study for exams. Because that is what I use to do when I was going to the community college. I was the type of student that didn’t know what FUN meant since I avoided it. I would only go to family events but even there I would have my laptop and all the necessary school work I needed. My friends would invite me out and almost every time I would decline.

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When I was in the community college and once my class was done I would start on the homework right away. I was obsessed with having all my work done a week before the next class because I loved being ahead and being able to have free time after. However, my free time consist of studying for exams or picking up more shifts at work.



I am definitely the opposite student of what I was when I was in community college. Now that I am in the university I wanted to live the life like in all the movies I see. I haven’t been going to house parties but I am going out to clubs and out with my close friends more than usual. I also congratulated myself with a Disneyland annual pass last year in September for graduating community college and again getting accepted to CSUF. Therefore, a lot of my time has been going there with family, co-workers or even by myself.

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Personally in my first semester at Cal State Fullerton it has been difficult to stay focused on any of my school work. I am not sure if it’s because I was out of a semester for too long and forgot how to “study” or just don’t want to do any type of work. I make excuses to not do my work on time that I have been waiting until the very last minute to do any of it. And since I rarely study for exams I did fail the first one I took in my History & Philosophy American Mass Communication class. I have been avoiding school work by watching Netflix every day or staying in the loop on social media. Those are things that I didn’t start doing as much until I started going to school again and I don’t really know why.

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