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What is Federated Analytics?

Federated Analytics is a program that is provided to Adobe Video Analytics customers to share and receive video data in a standardized, consistent format across vendors and devices. Operators now have it easier then ever to push their video ratings to programmers, so a programmer can more easily gauge their performance holistically across multiple distribution vendors to understand their contents full reach and audience impact.

Operator Benefits with Federated Analytics

Benefits to Operators

Have you struggled with the number of programmers that you have to work with and manage? Do they set unrealistic expectations for receiving reporting and audience measurement? Do you feel as if you're constantly pulling data and reports to understand audience measurement across all of your programmers?

The Federated Analytics program through Adobe Analytics for Video helps to bridge the gap between Operators and Programmers, to help achieve business goals and KPI's through ease of data sharing and analysis through one neutral third party measurement partner, Adobe. Federated Analytics will help operators to:

  • Deliver Greater Transparency to their Programmers: Transfer sensitive data, privately with GDPR standards, provide accurate viewership ratings across devices, and showcase the value of your streaming services to programmers.
  • Enable Real Cost Effectiveness: Deliver reports and metrics seamlessly within one UI, with no extra tagging necessary, and eliminate manual delivery across multiple programmers.
  • Easily Provide Cross Digital Data in a Seamless Manner: Give your programmers the data they need in a standardized consistent format utilizing our SDK or collection API, with delivery from devices like OTT, gaming consoles, and more in near real-time.
Programmer Benefits with Federated Analytics

Benefits to Programmers

Do you work with multiple distributors and struggle to get real-time, consistent data from them to truly understand performance? Do you grapple with the ability to combine and effectively measure data in a standardized format, across distributors? How often do you even see a report from the distributors you work with?

If these are common questions you are confronted with and your team struggles with constantly, then Federated Analytics will help you to achieve the holistic audience analysis you need. Adobe Analytics for Video will allow you to work with other clients to request and pull data, all seamlessly flowing through the same UI and using the same SDK and metrics for measurement. Understand the full customer journey, through the ability to add your distributors data points with your own. Federated Analytics will help programmers to:

  • Complete the Ratings Picture: Better understand your audience ratings and opportunities, by pulling in all of your distributors data against your videos, combine it with your own video data to see transparent, holistic video delivery.
  • Evaluate Multi-platform Delivery more Effectively: Fill your measurement gaps and understand delivery across all major devices using the Adobe SDK and API, in standardized measurement and dimensions for OTT, Gaming Consoles, Tablets, Smartphones, and more!
  • Enhanced Viewership Validation: Pinpoint opportunities that would otherwise be lost without your shared distributors data, benchmark videos across distributors to see how they're performing, combine with your own audience demographic 1st, 2nd, and 3rd party data, and utilize it to make better recommendations and programming decisions.
Overall Benefits of Federated Analytics

Federated Analytics Benefits to Programmers and Operators:

  • Eliminate Data Silo’s: Collect all of the pieces of the distribution puzzle for a full complete picture
  • Reduce Heavy Lifting: Lighten the heavy lifting of matching data w/ standardized video metrics & consistent SDK’s
  • Cross-Device Coverage: Measurement from all devices with video, including OTT, STB, & gaming consoles
  • Lighten the Ingestion Load: Enable clients to share video data across partners in one single system in a streamlined format
  • Real Customer 360 View: Validate total reach of your videos and combine with audience data to target against
  • Monetize and Target New Segments: Leverage shared video data with audience segments to make better programming decisions
Next Steps to Federate Data

Sounds great, how do I get started?

First, you'll need to determine which client you would like to share/receive data from. Engage your Adobe solution consultant in the discussion, to determine what can/can't be shared based on what they're tracking. An agreement will be drawn up between the sharer and receiver, with details on the report suites, data and metrics that will be provided. Once both parties have signed off and Adobe has "turned on" the processing rules, you'll start seeing your new video data flow through to your own report suits. It's as easy as that!!

What you need..

  • An Adobe Solution Consultant to guide you through the process
  • A Video Analytics Signed Contract with video SKU
  • A Co-agreement between the sharer/receiver
  • The VA SDK or API implemented on your videos
  • Reporting details established and agreed upon


  1. Do I need to be a video analytics client? Yes, in order to utilize Federated Analytics you will need to be a current video analytics customer. Please reach out to your Account Manager for more details.
  2. Do I have to use the SDK, and will that impact the reporting that I share/receive? No, you are not required to use the SDK. The video team has released a new API that measures the same metrics and to the same granularity as the SDK.
  3. Is there a minimum or maximum number of video streams that I need to provide and can I turn it on/off if I need to? There is no minimum or maximum number of streams and you can turn it on or off at any time, by reaching out to your solution consultant. Please allow 3-5 business days to be completed.
  4. How many partners can I work with to share/receive data? You can work with as many partners as you like, there is no maximum and we encourage you to work with all your partners to ensure holistic delivery and measurement across vendors, players, and devices.
  5. Does it cost money to receive video streams from my partners? Yes, Federated Analytics is billed to the receiver based on their own contracted CPMM rate. Please reach out to your account manager for more details.


Adobe Audience Analytics for Federated

Federated Audience Analytics

Discover your full holistic reach across content distributors for a more accurate viewership picture. These benefits include:

  • Allows sharers to push their data so receivers can tie it to their audience segments for full content and advertising analysis
  • Attribute audience segments to multiple distributors to see your overall demographic and behavioral presence
  • Make actionable decisions based on the audience and consumption patterns observed through multiple distributors
  • Aggregate and combine all viewership data points to obtain a more realistic reach and audience comparison for better targeting and recommendations
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