Growth Anselma Hountondji

I chose art as my elective because I wanted to expand my horizons and grow my art skills. Going in I was really expecting much. My mindset was I was going to draw and that was basically it.

I think I improved the most in my proportions. It's helped a lot when I'm drawing. Although my nose is smaller than it should be in this drawing.

Chiaroscuro is the use of light and dark. I learned a lot from Lights and Shadows. I now know how to manipulate the use lights and shadows for drawings better. Lights and shadow add to paintings and drawing and it's a skill I'm glad to be developing.

Second semester

The sea and the mermaid angel

While doing all our different projects, I've learned some dos and donts along the way. With every new project I became better at choosing and mixing the different colors I wanted. I've learned about the monochromatics, analogous colors and how not to make poop with complimentary colors.

I've always struggled witg chalk because i have the attention span of a goldfish and I get so focused on how messy my work turns out and hoe the colors wont work with me. it turns into me saying that it was all a conspiracy from the universe and mother nature is just testing my patience. But i feel like working on the chalk pastel project has helped me stay.

A skill I think I've personally excelled at is the ferrofluid project. I think I did a good job picking a good place to draw and used my artist choice wisely. I feel like I could of done a better job with more time but I'm proud of how it turned out.

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