Lipids By: LillI (the lipid)

What am I?

I am an energy-rich, organic coumpund. That means I can be things like fat, oil, or wax that is made of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen.

Lipids are compounds that are made mostly of Corbin and hydrogen and some oxygen. Cell membranes consist mainly of lipids. (Pearson 25)

Guess what I can do!

I give your body energy. Fats and oils contain more energy then carbohydrates. The cells in your body store energy from fats and oils for later use.

When did I come out of hiding?

It was 1854. Berthelot M discovered what I was by combining glycerol with fatty acids

Ever wonder what I look like? Well, I'm very similar to soap. I consist of glycerol attached to a phosphate group and to two fatty acids, or carboxylic acids.

CITATIONS Pearson book - cells and heredity

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