Mt. McCaleb by julie dahlgren, retired educator

You can watch "Land of the Lost River Range" at https://video.idahoptv.org/video/land-of-the-lost-river-range-8d1pff/

If you are lucky enough to live in Mackay, Idaho, chances are you have a window that looks north up-valley to Mt. McCaleb in the Lost River Range. This 11,682 ft. peak dominates the landscape and helps define the ranching town of 500 residents.

A November sunrise on Mt. McCaleb.

Its crown-shaped summit block towers 6,000 ft. above the valley. I can’t keep my eyes off the peak, whether I sit at my picture window, work in the garden, fish the Big Lost, hike, or simply walk out of Ivie’s Market with an armload of groceries. There it is!

Winter engulfs Mt. McCaleb.

People have revered mountains as places of sacred power and spiritual attainment. Perhaps this is McCaleb’s power over the landscape. Famous Mt. Borah is nearby, the tallest peak in Idaho, but it is McCaleb that we watch.

Pink sky surrounds Mt. McCaleb.

A fierce play of natural elements swirl about the summit—thunder, lightning, wind, mist, snow, clouds. It appears to embody powerful forces beyond our control, physical expressions that can overwhelm with feelings of wonder. I have seen glints of moonlight on its icy face and flares of gold reflecting a sunrise. We live in awe of this impressive mountain.

(All photos by Julie Dahlgren.)