Hello, My name is Patrick Joiner. I am an Interdisciplinary studies student who is focusing on Math, Physics, and behavioral sciences. I am someone who is perpetually curious and is constantly trying to learn new things. I do however follow some basic rules when it comes to acquiring and analyzing new information. I try to be openmind to facts that are supported by evidence and not just to people's opinion as they are often bias and not founded in reality. When something I am trying to do is wrong; I stop doing that particular thing because it will not work. In other words, when I am wrong, I am wrong; I admit that and move on with my life as to trying to continually try to prove it right. So in short I try not to allow myself to be swayed by personal opinion or false information that is not backed by observational or mathematical evidence. As you read through this portfolio I hope you will learn a thing or two about the world around you and maybe get a few ideas on thinking more critically and learn how analyze data in way that is not bias and always conforming to your own viewpoints.

I want to get a Ph.D 5-8 years

I want to be an astronaut 14-20 years

I want to be a president 20-40years


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