My hufflepuff wand. By:TriStan

I chose the Harry Potter wand because I don't really know anything about Harry Potter. So I thought that I would learn something from this project. I have never read, or watched Harry Potter so this is all New stuff to me. I have never craved either, my dad has once but it looked to hard for me so I never tried to. It looks fun and I can't wait to start to carve. This project looks fun and interesting, and I can't wait to start it.

This is what my stick looked like kind of before I started carving. I had to find it and then get the bark off..
This is my wand when I got all of the bark of it. I tried to get it as smooth as I could. And cut all the sides and nubs off.
This is my wand from 2/28/17. It's as smooth as I could get it and I have all the bark off of it. Today all I did was just made sure I got it as good as I wanted before I started doing all my details.
Today 3/2/17,, I started craving details into my wand. I got help by my art teacher, Coach G. He strated it out and showed me what to do, then I did the rest by myself. I made a sphere, and some thick lines in it.
This is my stick and sand paper on march 22. I was sanding my stick this day and making it as soft as I could so I could start doing the finishing touches on it.
This is my wand on 3/27/17. I am waiting to stain and polish my wand. I just got done finishing carving and sanding my wand. All I have to do is stain it and then it will be done.
This is my stick after I stained it and put the clear polish on it. It is done and now it's drying.

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