Asian studies CAT Rebecca Smith


Melbourne to Seoul (ICN)/Seoul (ICN) to Melbourne - $829.30 (5 March - 9 April)


Seoul - Hansol hostel - $734 (5 March - 20 March)

Busan - Hotel Ciel de Mer Haeundae, $931 (20 March - 1 April)

Jeju island - Co-op Jeju Beach hotel, $794 (1 April - 9 April)


In Seoul I would be visiting Bukchan Hanok villiage, which is right next to two historical temples.

Next I would visit Seoul tower (Namsan park) and take the cable car to look at the scenery aka the cherry blossoms.

After that I would like to go to either YG café or to a music broadcast. Lots of my favourite groups would be performing at the broadcasts and there's always a chance I could meet a member from BIGBANG or any other group at the YG café as it's managed by the same company they are under.

In Busan I'd be going to places to see the cherry blossoms as that's what the town is best known for in spring. Some of the best places to see the blossoms are

Oncheon Stream park


And Yongdusan park

I would also go to the B.A.P fan meeting that was on around the same time I was supposedly in Busan

At Jeju Island I would go and see the lava tubes.

I would go to horse park.

And I would also go the Jeju maze park


I would be walking around quite often but to get to places far away e.g Jeju island and Busan, I would take public transport.

To get from Seoul to Busan I would be taking the train which costs $55-$70aud.

To get from Busan to Jeju island I would take a flight which is around $42-$114aud

And then Jeju island to Seoul would also be a flight which I couldn't find a cost for.


With all the money I've blown for transportation and activities I would be living off of convenient store foods for however long I've been in that one area.


For transportation alone I've already used $3,705.40 out of the $5,000 I got. I've been left with just under $1,000 for food and other things.


Some scams in South Korea are overcharging for certain things, pickpoketing, hotel thief, taxi overcharging, and deal scammers.

Three ways in which Korea is different to Australia

The food, language and culture in South Korea are so different to how Australia is.

Religions in Korea

Buddhism 43% (10,726,000) as of 2005

Protestantism 34.5% (8,616,000) as of 2005

Roman Catholic 20.6% (5,146,000) as of 2005

Other 1.9% (483,000) as of 2005

Other includes Confucianism, won Buddhism, jeungsangyo, cheondogyo, daehonggyo and Islam.


The main language spoken in Korea is Hangual, or just Korean. However there are more languages spoken there as many people from all over the world live their.

Some languages I know of are Chinese, Thai, English, Japanese and there are many more.

History of Korea

South Korea's early history started off around 2333BC when the legendary establishment of Gojoseon was established by Dangun began. It was said to be desended from heaven and played an important role in developing Korean national identity. Gojoseon had three kings Jun (?-194BC), Wi Man (194BC-?), amd Wi Ugeo (?-108BC) and the kingdom fell under the last king's, Wi Ugeo, rain in 108BC. It has been said that Jun, the first king, fleed to Jin in the southern part of Korea, later to be Samhan and the beginning of Baekje and Silla.

Wiman, a general for king Jun, was appointed to the western boarder region of Gojoseon, which possibly corresponds to the west of current-day Liaoning. Despite the kings generosity, Wiman revolted and destroyed Gojoseon. In 194BC he created Wiman Joseon and decided to locate the capital in Wanggeom-seong. In the period, Wiman Joseon, expanded to control a vast territory and control trade between the Han dynasty and the people of Manchuria to become strong economically. In 108BC Wiman Joseon fell after a war and the four commanders of Han, established by Han China, eventually feel to the rising of Goguryea in 4th century AD after being captured.

In 57BC Silla, the smallest out of the three kingdoms, was founded by Bak Hyeokgeose. In 37BC Goguryeo (better known as Goryeo) was founded by Jumong. 18BC Baekje was founded by Onjo and thus the three kingdoms formed. The three kingdoms fall in 1392 when the Joseon dynasty started once Yi Seonggye was crowned king.

From my research, I never did see if Korea was ever colonised. Surely there was wars with the Japanese and Chinese but there was never anything about it being colonised by those two neighbouring countries.

Natural disasters in South Korea

2016 Gyeongju earthquake hit the historical city, destroying many artifacts. It was the largest recorded earthquake in Korea with a magnitude of 5.8 and had over 20 after shocks with 2-3 magnitudes after the original earthquake. As of 1am that night 6 people were injured and had 30 cases of minor damages to houses and stores. A natural gas-fuelled power station in Ulsan, just killermeters away from the city, was shut down. Trains in Busan stopped temporarily and KTX bullet trains traveling through Gyeongju reduced speed in case of aftershocks damaging rail lines. Many people affected called their friends and family but some regions had communication disruptions, including kakoatalk —a nation wide texting app.

Basic language

안녕하세요 - hello (frm)

안녕 - hello (inf)

여보세요 - hello (phone)

이릉은무엇니끼? - what is your name? (frm)

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