Aloha my name is Matthew Pappaill Sao i was born at Middle more Hospital in South Auckland. I am Samoan, Cook Island ,Hawaii and also Asian. I am the 2nd oldest out of my brother and sister but in my step parents side I am the youngest out of my brothers and sister. what i like to do is to chill with my family and plays some touch and Volly. I love my culture because I get to know how to speak my language when I go to my village where my parent are from and grow up when they were young.

my sports is rugby cause my step dad played for the Manu Samoa Sevens team. my dad dreamed about playing for Auckland Blue. he did just one game . my favourite teams are the Manu Samoa And the New South wales .when i grow up I want to play for pap high and then play for counties Manukau .and then go and play league and get picked to play for New South Wales.

My really yummy food is the NZ Burger King i just like all their Burger because is Nice and crispy also fat and big just like the United State of Amreica Burger but more bigger than their and get more meat inside as well adn got all my farvourite things inside the Burger that why i love Burger KIng.


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